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Congratulations… You made it this far! You’ve created a viable business that adds value to those you serve. As small business owners ourselves, we know that that’s no small feat.

For many small business owners though, transforming their business from being a ‘job’ they’ve created for themselves into a ‘business’ that can scale is extremely challenging…

What got them here, won’t get them there… no matter where they believe there (their vision) is.

The key to scaling a service business has everything to do with leverage. And sales & marketing automation is paramount to accomplishing that. It allows you to do what we call Clone the Owner®. In essence, creating a business that works for you… not the other way around.

Getting Started Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Check in

Now we are good, but no one is that good. We can’t read your mind. So you’ll have to take the first step and initiate contact.

It’s as simple as clicking the link below to get on our calendar for what we call Discovery Session.


Ok you made it. In our Discovery Session we will have a simple conversation. We will talk about where your business is now… and where you want it to be, by when.

Our intent is to both bring clarity to what it is you want to achieve as well as determine if we are a good ‘fit’ for one another.


If after our lovely conversation, we both agree to talk next steps, we will prescribe a game plan for you. One that makes sense.


Sales & Marketing Automation Solutions

Choose the Package That Fits You Best

Sales & Marketing Automation Services

The "Self Starter"

This is for businesses looking for basic guidance from a Sales & Marketing Automation expert as they get started with either Infusionsoft or Keap. If you’re comfortable using new technology once you’ve had some basic coaching, this is for you!

Done "WITH" You
Sales & Marketing Automation Services

The "Hand Holder"

Best for businesses that need more in-depth guidance to get comfortable with either Infusionsoft or Keap. If you’re looking for extra help setting yourself up for success, you’ll get it with this package.

Done "FOR" You
Sales & Marketing Automation Services

The "Director"

In this personalized 2-day 1-on-1 intensive, we custom-build (and automate) your core marketing & sales systems using either Infusionsoft or Keap for you.

Town & Country Cleaning Services

“Really helped us speed up the learning process… moving us further along on the learning curve than we could have done on our own!”

Sarah Vance - Co-owner
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To deliver our proven automation solutions, we proudly leverage the #1 all-in-one CRM, sales & marketing automation platform by Keap.

Online Marketing Muscle has been a Keap Certified Partner Since 2015.

Marketing Automation Services FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers regarding our Marketing Automation Services

In a nutshell, Keap is a best-in-class, all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation software for service-based small businesses. Yes that’s a mouthful. This is why we simply refer to it as the operating system for small businesses that want to level-up!

Here’s how our partners at Keap describe their software line…

Absolutely! We have several different programs that can help you move your business forward.

Yes, we are a Value Added Reseller of Keap’s entire product line.

Keap authorized reseller

It would be unfair to answer that without first knowing a bit about you, your business, and what you want to accomplish. We offer a complementary discovery session where we can have that discussion and see if the combination of Online Marketing Muscle and any of Keap’s sales & marketing automation products are a good fit for you.

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