What a Kid Can Teach You About Customer Service

Andrea Mercado Coaching & Strategy

There are examples of great customer service all around us.  Today as I looked out at the accumulating snow I began putting on my hat, gloves, boots, and coat.  A knock came to the door and 2 enterprising young men asked if we would like to have our snow shoveled.  So for a fair price they began taking care of the job we were dreading!

A tip we often give our coaching clients is to deliver more than is expected.  For example, if you are working at someone’s house and you see the paper in the driveway, how much time does it take you to pick it up and bring it up to the front porch?  Two seconds!  One of the young men rang the doorbell and handed us our paper that he found under the snow as he was shoveling.  These kids get it.  Why don’t business owners and service providers get it?  Take a lesson from a kid, do that little bit extra and you will thrill your clients and customers and they won’t want anyone but you to serve them.

By the way, they did an excellent job. We had 2 feet of snow in the driveway.  Tonight my back is grateful!

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