What a Kid Can Teach You About Customer Service

There are examples of great customer service all around us. For example, today, as I looked out at the accumulating snow, I began putting on my hat, gloves, boots, and coat.  A knock came on the door, and two enterprising young men asked if we would like to have our snow shoveled.  So for a fair price, they began taking care of the job we were dreading!

A tip we often give our coaching clients is to deliver more than is expected.  For example, if you are working at someone’s house and see the paper in the driveway, how much time does it take you to pick it up and bring it to the front porch?  Two seconds!  One of the young men rang the doorbell and handed us our paper that he found under the snow as he was shoveling.  These kids get it.  Why don’t business owners and service providers get it?  Take a lesson from a kid, do that little bit extra, and you will thrill your clients and customers, and they won’t want anyone but you to serve them.

By the way, they did an excellent job. We had 2 feet of snow in the driveway.  Tonight my back is grateful!

10 thoughts on “What a Kid Can Teach You About Customer Service”

  1. Avatar of Dean Mercado

    You know… for a while there I contemplated buying a snow blower to handle jobs such as these however I have to say I’d much rather pay an enterprising person or persons as needed instead. It moved me to see these young individuals with such initiative!

    And yes the lessons in their innocence and desire to just do the right thing were inspiring to say the least!

  2. Avatar of Christine Miranda

    It’s wonderful to hear a story such as this. Nowadays, it’s not always easy to find that kind of customer service. I think a lot of people do not realize it’s the small things a person can do for their customer that will really go a long way. For instance, I was very moved by a girl at a local store I shop at weekly. She always goes above and beyond to help me find the best sales within the store, she’ll walk me to the area where something is that I’ve been looking for. She’ll even offer to call around and find what I need at another location if they do not have it in stock. I only shop the store when she is working I actually asked her what days and hours she works because I enjoy being helped by her so much. I did make a call to her corporate headquarters to let them know what a fine job she is doing and she really appreciated it and so did her employers. It just shows that if we all take the time to care about how people feel and put in a little extra time (even 2 seconds) that it will be well worth it. People will keep coming back for that awesome customer service.

  3. Avatar of John Barlowe

    So true, Andrea. What separates two similar businesses in the eyes of the customer? Level of service and/or quality of product. Similarly, I was thinking today about how the craftsmanship (or lack thereof) of my Frigidaire refrigerator represents such a poor way to do business. Piece by plastic piece, over the last few years, it’s started to breakdown. Something that wouldn’t have happened in “the old days” prior to planned obsolescence, when things were built to last. Will we purchase this brand next time? No. And I’m sure others who’ve had the same experience feel the same. We’ll move on into the arms of their competitor. The same idea behind your blog post, a little extra care, be it in the manufacturing process, or in the service of a client, goes a long, long way.

  4. Avatar of mel

    We hired kids to do our snow removal too! They were fantastic. It is definitely the little things that count!

  5. Avatar of Cinny

    Nothing I like more than good, hard working people that know the worth and value of money and are willing to put in the fair work for it.

  6. Avatar of David Haug

    Customer service is very important. But if a customer shops SOLELY on price, the customer service will also be bargain basement. I have lost customers to “cut rate” competitors, and they often want to rehire me. I tell them I take people back once, and that is it.

  7. Avatar of Chelsea Day

    Some people in business just don’t get the idea of just being nice! What great boys you have in your neighborhood.

  8. Avatar of Emily

    What a sweet story! I think the difference is just whether or not people care. Its great to be shown that (some) people still care.

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