Top 10 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2007 (Part I: The First Five)

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It’s scary… 2007 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Time sure seems to fly when you’re having fun… and I did have fun this past year. Not only because my results were better, but because I learned and/or re-learned so many great lessons along the way. And I intend to share with you 10 of those which had the most impact for me. I’ll share five here and five more in Part II of this article. So without further adieu here are the first five:

#1 – Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude
I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal for a few years now yet for some reason this year, something just seemed to click… kind of like a light switch just flicked on in my head. I began noticing patterns as well as more specificity in what I was truly grateful for. I began writing more from the heart and started letting go of my fears and inhibitions… I do believe that these were some of the same fears and inhibitions that were holding me back. I became much more grounded and tuned in this past year to what was really important to me in both my personal life, as well as in my business. Getting clear on what was important really focused me on not only what to do, but why I am doing it. It also strengthened my conviction and resolve to make these things happen. This I believe was the most important lesson for me in 2007… more important than any business skill or marketing strategy.

#2 – Improve Myself… Attract Better Clients
I’ve been a consummate student of self-discovery and self-improvement for the better part of the last 20 years… really upping my commitment to that cause over the past 5. I cannot articulate to you enough on how wonderful and fruitful this journey has been. It’s had such a profound effect on not only my life, but on the lives of all those around me. In terms of my business, it has helped me continuously attract an increasingly better quality of prospects and clients

#3 – Make a Conscious Effort to Use Time More Efficiently
One thing’s for certain, we’re all given the same exact amount of time each day to work with. No one is privy to a larger ration than their neighbor. This is a good thing. This levels the playing field and gives the small business owner a fighting chance for survival. What makes the difference is how we choose to use that time. This is where my lesson came in. The crux of the lesson was to work smarter not harder… wean my business away from purely trading time, my time, for money… the lesson was the power of leverage! And the two biggest areas of leverage for me this past year was leveraging the resources of others for mutual gain and repurposing content to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ out of it.

#4 – The Clearer My Vision… The Greater My Results
This one is such common sense that it is often overlooked and taken for granted. It really is much easier to get what you want if you know what it is you want. However ask 10 people to clearly describe what they want and see how difficult that question really is for most of them to answer. So for me it was not only getting clearer on what I wanted both personally and professionally but I also applied that same thinking to all of my marketing campaigns. Before embarking on each campaign, I began asking myself what I wanted as a result of carrying it out. This also provided me with a measurement I could use to track each marketing campaign’s effectiveness… I could then judge their viability going forward and make more sound business decisions.

#5 – The More I Measure… The Better My Decisions
Simply put, the numbers don’t lie. And simply figuring out what core metrics I needed to track, and those that I no longer needed to, have empowered me to make more educated decisions faster and with increased confidence. For example, keeping track of how many visitors stop by a specific web page that sells a specific product as well as how many of those visitors actually buy that product once there, is instrumental in knowing whether of not the sales copy on that web page is doing its job. This helps me figure out what actions I need to take (if any) on that web page.

So in closing, remember, reflection can be a powerful tool if leveraged properly. Yes this article serves as a kind-of therapeutic reflection for me. However, take advantage of my hard-learned lessons and maybe leverage them to cut your learning curve a bit.

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