Top 10 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2007 (Part II: The Second Five)

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Well I certainly hope you enjoyed part I of this article where I shared with you the first five of my top 10 business and marketing lessons learned in 2007. To quickly summarize, they were:

#1 – Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

#2 – Improve Myself… Attract Better Clients

#3 – Make a Conscious Effort to Use Time More Efficiently

#4 – The Clearer My Vision… The Greater My Results

#5 – The More I Measure… The Better My Decisions

As promised, here are the remainder of my top lessons learned in 2007:

#6 – Milk Each Marketing Campaign for all they’re Worth
“Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. I’m not sure who to credit for that statement however it is such sage advice. You’re better off doing a few things great than many things so-so. One hard lesson I learned this past year was that since I knew how to implement dozens of marketing strategies and tactics, I wanted to use them all. Therefore I started out doing just that and received mediocre results for my efforts. Once I scaled back and took on just a few of those marketing strategies and tactics, I was able to really maximize my effectiveness and get more results with less effort. So my point is for example, if you’re going to have a blog, be the best blogger you can be or, if you’re going to have a newsletter, publish the best newsletter you can, and then focus and maximize your efforts to gaining the most traction from them.

#7 – Love the Client’s you Want to Keep… Fire the Rest!
I’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing a loved-one this past year and let me tell you, life’s just too damn short to waste on screwing around with clients who don’t add value to your life. Business is a two-way street… every client/vendor relationship must be mutually beneficial and enjoyable else, give yourself permission to move on! It’s important here to lose the scarcity-mindset. There are plenty of clients out there for all of us. As a matter of fact I do believe that there are plenty out there that are meant to be served by you!

#8 – Increase the Quantity and Quality of Thinking Time
Turn off the radio… turn off the TV… grab a pen and paper… and a seat, and practice thinking. Let your thoughts run through your pen and onto the paper. Let your creativity and inner-genius flow. Think of ways to improve your value… think of ways to improve your client’s experience with you… think of ways to improve your productivity… think of ways to have more fun in your business… the bottom line is to practice thinking. I’ve been journaling my thoughts for years and believe me when I tell you that my best stuff has spawned from such thinking sessions… let alone the clarity of focused action that came as a result.

#9 – Mastermind Your Way to Success
This past year I participated in several different mastermind teams. Some focused on business… some focused on investing… and some focused on self-improvement. I am a firm believer that 2 minds are better than 1… let alone if you have a mastermind team of 5 or 6 great minds… the possibilities are endless! I garnered tons of insight and advice from all of my fellow mastermind teammates and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them!

#10 – The Joy Is In the Journey… Not the Destination
Do yourself a huge favor and pause long enough to smell the roses. Driving yourself forward like a slave-driver is no way to go through life. This year I really took the opportunity to slow down and have more fun with my business. That didn’t mean get lazy. It just meant to consciously draw more joy out of every day. I not only had a more fruitful and enjoyable year, but all those around me seemed to as well… my vitality became contagious and also attracted others with similar vitality toward me!

So in closing, I just have to ask you, did any of my experiences shared here resonate with you? What lessons did you learn this past year? Take the time to do some reflection of your own… and then… why don’t you stop by my blog and share them? I’d love to hear all about them. In the meantime, allow yourself to learn from my experiences as well as the experiences of others around you and make this next year, a year to remember!

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