10 ways to wow your clients

10 Ways to “WOW” Your Clients Every Time

Early on in my career I was fortunate to have come across a concept that has served me well in both my professional as well as my personal life. That concept was one I picked up from business visionary and author Tom Peters. It was about delivering “WOW” results… every time.

And in today’s fiercely competitive global economy, now more than ever, it’s critical to “WOW” your clients. Because I can assure you that if you don’t, someone else will!

So here are 10 ways to give your clients a  “WOW” experience every time:

Ways to Wow your clients

➊ Refund the Difference

Got a better deal than you expected from your vendors for a particular product or service you quoted to your client? Refund them the difference.

➋ Throw in Some Training

Teach your clients how to get the most value out of your products and services by offering some complimentary training.

➌ Recommend Experts to Solve Other Problems

Have you become aware of other challenges or desires outside of your expertise that your client wants to solve? Refer other experts that can solve or satisfy them.

➍ Follow-up to Ensure Satisfaction

You’ve made the sale… delivered the goods… now what? Whatever you do, don’t cut and run. I’m not saying overstay your welcome. What I’m saying is simply to touch base every so often to ensure they are still satisfied with what they purchased from you.

➎ Refer Business to Them

We all want more and/ or better clients don’t we? Well the highest compliment we can pay our clients is to drive business their way. So if you trust that your client can deliver the goods, refer them.

➏ Provide Detailed Documentation of Your Solution

Want to build your clients loyalty and trust in you? Then take the time to document what you did for them and why. For example, if you installed new computer network equipment, provide your client with a copy of the new network diagram as well as a copy of the configuration files of the equipment you installed; just in case someone else has to step in and pick up where you left off.

➐ Invest Your Time in Really Getting To Know Them before You Sell Them Something

Simply put… the better you know your clients, the more they trust you. The more they trust you… the more they buy. A nice psychology side-effect of this is that when clients know, like, and trust you, they tend to be happier with what you sold them.

➑ If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Sell It to Them In The First Place

Talking your client out of making a purchase from you is not typically natural to many of us. However your client will love you in the end for preventing them from making a mistake they may have regretted. The better solution… help them buy something more appropriate for them… and yes, that also means selling them a less expensive item if it’s a better fit for them.

➒ Share Random Acts of Kindness

Every so often send them something of value… no strings attached! For example a complimentary special report, an article that you feel may interest them, free samples, etc.

➓ Make Them Feel Special

Most everyone deep down has an innate desire to feel wanted, to feel needed, to feel special. Don’t wait for something life changing to make them feel special… it’s the little things that count most. For example, always greet them with a genuine smile, a firm handshake, and eye contact so captivating that they feel as if they are the only person in the room with you. Another example, send them a handwritten birthday card; Most of us never get too old for that.

So in closing, the key in implementing these is to under promise and over deliver. In other words, if possible refrain from promising these as part of the original deal. Instead, deliver any one, or combination of these, when your client isn’t expecting it and you’ll be well on your way to delivering a “WOW” experience for them. And just know that “WOW” experiences tend to get you more testimonials. WOW client experiences tend to get you more referrals. And “WOW” experiences tend to get you more sales.

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  1. Avatar of Andrea Mercado

    If all businesses did only half of these things there would be a lot of very satisfied clients and customers!

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