LinkedIn Endorsement Tips and Hints: The LinkedIn Push!


LinkedIn has created a new feature called LinkedIn Endorsements, now with just “One Click” you can easily endorse and recognize your connections for skills listed on their profile.

LinkedIn is serving its members well by educating, guiding and pushing members along to better networking, making visiting LinkedIn an even more productive experience. This seems to be a part of a bigger plan for LinkedIn, who have been rolling out other similar tools to inspire engagement.

My name for these new features is “The LinkedIn Push” because I see it as LinkedIn’s hint, or a push, to use the professional networking site for its true intention-relationship building.

The problem with this simple well-meaning tool… “It’s a trap.”

Networking with a click can make it way too easy to lose focus on the bigger picture of nurturing and connecting on a deeper level. Connections are human beings and will see through the automated one-click networking solutions every time.

The LinkedIn Endorsement tool is just a path to better networking and to use the site for its true intention-relationship building! Here are some LinkedIn Endorsement Tips and Hints you can use to keep networking real (you don’t have to do them all, but trying just one of these will push you and have you playing a bigger networking game):

  • List who you endorsed; Follow-up with a written recommendation.
  • Receive an LinkedIn Endorsement; Inmail back a thank you.
  • Get a written recommendation; Call them to say Thanks!
  • When connecting to other members, let them know why and explain your intentions.
  • Don’t connect with anyone you’re not willing to go the extra mile with.

It’s an honor and privilege to connect with peers on LinkedIn.  It takes time, planning and practice to earn trust. Whatever your plan, it’s worth the extra effort!

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5 thoughts on “LinkedIn Endorsement Tips and Hints: The LinkedIn Push!”

  1. Nica Mandigma | Virtual Assistant

    Hi Bill, thank you for sharing the link on my page. This is the first post I’ve read about LinkedIn endorsements and I must say that I agree with your insight/interpretation. If all it takes is to click a button to endorse someone, then it’s just like poking someone on Facebook — it has no real value…

    1. Nica.. Awesome!! I am glad to hear you got value from my blog post… I also want to thank you for being an example of how to take “The LinkedIn Push” to the next level by commenting here on our blog. Small gestures such as yours open the door to better networking. Talk to you soon!!

  2. I agree with Nica, I really don’t think this has much value at all and, if anything, it detracts from Recommendations. It seems to have opened the flood gates to the “I’ll endorse you if you endorse me” brigade and I can’t stand that kind of thing. I sincerely hope this LinkedIn feature doesn’t last for long, or is changed slightly – wouldn’t it be great if the people who recommended you had the opportunity to endorse your skills?

    1. Bridie I really like your idea to bring Endorsements to a new level by having it a part of the LinkedIn Recommendation tool. This seems to be logical progression if LinkedIn is indeed “Pushing” its users to better networking. I’m all for it!! Thanks for commenting.

  3. The idea is to endorse and be endorsed. The more endorsements you get, the more people will be eying at your profile and the more you want to return the favor. It is great that LinkedIn made it easier for people to sing your praises with just a click. But that doesn’t mean that you can always keep that endorsement from somebody, you need to verify it. If your cup of tea is PLR writing, you do not want to be endorsed as a graphic artist or anything more than that – that you are not. Only endorse what you know. So, the virtue of honesty sets in. After all, you do not want to exaggerate the truth, right?

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