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LinkedIn Endorsement Tips and Hints: The LinkedIn Push!

Bill Baylis Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn has created a new feature called LinkedIn Endorsements, now with just “One Click” you can easily endorse and recognize your connections for skills listed on their profile.

LinkedIn is serving its members well by educating, guiding and pushing members along to better networking, making visiting LinkedIn an even more productive experience. This seems to be a part of a bigger plan for LinkedIn, who have been rolling out other similar tools to inspire engagement.

My name for these new features is “The LinkedIn Push” because I see it as LinkedIn’s hint, or a push, to use the professional networking site for its true intention-relationship building.

The problem with this simple well-meaning tool… “It’s a trap.”

Networking with a click can make it way too easy to lose focus on the bigger picture of nurturing and connecting on a deeper level. Connections are human beings and will see through the automated one-click networking solutions every time.

The LinkedIn Endorsement tool is just a path to better networking and to use the site for its true intention-relationship building! Here are some LinkedIn Endorsement Tips and Hints you can use to keep networking real (you don’t have to do them all, but trying just one of these will push you and have you playing a bigger networking game):

  • List who you endorsed; Follow-up with a written recommendation.
  • Receive an LinkedIn Endorsement; Inmail back a thank you.
  • Get a written recommendation; Call them to say Thanks!
  • When connecting to other members, let them know why and explain your intentions.
  • Don’t connect with anyone you’re not willing to go the extra mile with.


It’s an honor and privilege to connect with peers on LinkedIn.  It takes time, planning and practice to earn trust. Whatever your plan, it’s worth the extra effort!

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