Visualize Your Network With LinkedIn InMaps

Dean Mercado Social Media Marketing

I don’t know about you but like most people, I’m very visual… images speak volumes to me. And when it comes to networking, I am very critical on where I spend my time. Why? It’s my one key resource I can never get back!

So imagine how excited I was to see a visual representation of my LinkedIn network. One that clearly points out who the major hubs in my network were. One that in a color-coded way clusters my contacts together showing me where I connected with them most. One that shows the inter-connectivity between my networking contacts. Piqued your interest yet?

Now of course this is not a complete and comprehensive view of my network and networking activity. However it does provide a very interesting snapshot into a piece of it. One that opened up my eyes in some ways and confirmed my thoughts in others.

So what exactly is LinkedIn InMaps?

The best way to familiarize you further with InMaps is to share a video from LinkedIn on it… take a peek.

So what does your network say about you? Are you properly penetrating desired industries, groups, or events? Or is your network chaotic with seemingly no rhyme or reason?

Create your LinkedIn InMap here and find out!

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