Local SEO Reviews

Local SEO Reviews – Get 5 of These and Your Stars Will Shine

Does your business serve a local market?

If so, giving your business an edge, any edge, in Google’s local search engine listings could be quite useful… agree?

In this video, I provide a quick local SEO tip intended to point you in the direction of edging out your competition.

Hi!  Does your business depend on the local community whether it be other local businesses or local consumers for sales?  For revenue?  For income?  If it does you’ll want to tune into this local SEO quick tip for the day here.  I call this “Get 5 of These and Your Stars Will Shine”.

So what am I talking about here?  I’m talking about if you need that local community, you need to show up in the search engine results.  The local search engine results.  In order to do that effectively there are lots of things that have to happen.  You need to have a local focus on things with your website and other online presence no doubt.

The quick tip I’m sharing with you here today is for the majority of the people who will be searching for you, the majority of them are visual.  They get attracted to images.  When you pass or you get five online reviews on Google, what happens to your local SEO listing is you automatically have stars placed next to your listing.  So if you’ve got five 5-star reviews, you’re going to have five stars, gold stars right next to your name.

So if your competitors who are listed next to you whether they are above you or below you don’t have the stars, your listing is the one that’s going to draw the eyes to it the most.  Very important that you get five online reviews on Google.  That’s your quick tip for today.  That will help your listing in the search results stand out among the clutter of possibilities that your target market has.

Local SEO Reviews


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