Magnetic Marketing Series: If Like Attracts Like, Then Who Exactly Is Your Marketing Attracting?

Dean Mercado Coaching & Strategy

Let me ask you about your marketing. Could it really be possible that the types of prospects that your marketing is attracting, is simply a mirror image of how you’re showing up in the marketing messages you’re putting out there? Well according to the universal Law of Attraction, that’s a big “yes” – you are attracting the mirror image of your marketing.

So is your marketing attracting those who you deem as perfect prospects – Perfect prospects being those that express the characteristics and behaviors that you prefer in a Client – your ideal Client so to speak – Clients that make your life easy, lucrative, and fun?

If so, great; whether knowingly or not, you are most likely properly leveraging the Law of Attraction in your marketing!

However if don’t seem to be attracting that ideal client, or enough ideal clients, then obviously something’s not right. And what I’m going to suggest you take a look at is not your typical mainstream marketing advice – I’m going to for the sake of this conversation assume that you’ve got your traditional marketing bases covered. You’ve properly considered things like your target market and the marketing medium you will use to communicate your message. You’ve done your marketing due diligence and logic states that your marketing should be working – but it’s not. At least not to the level you need it to.

So what am I talking about here? Brace yourself and listen with an open mind here as this may be the most important marketing advice you will ever hear.

I’m talking about being more authentic in your marketing – authentic as I’m describing here meaning the real you. Give yourself permission to open up and genuinely share yourself with your target market – let them in to your world. It’s okay to be human. Share your ups, your downs, your likes and your dislikes and you’ll be amazed at how the Law of Attraction kicks in and begins attracting those who are more aligned with you, to you.

Remember people love doing business with people they like and can identify with so don’t hold back. Holding back tends to lend an air of mystery that in business can either scare away perfect prospects or make you look just like everyone else – BORING.

And if you happen to outsource your marketing, be extra careful here. Are you sure that the messages they create on your behalf, whether in an advertisement, a brochure, or any other marketing materials are properly capturing your authenticity? Do yourself a favor here and be sure that they are.

So in closing, sometimes we have to look a bit deeper to find the root causes of our successes and failures. And those searches can sometimes take us out of our comfort zone and into more abstract areas. It’s when we are bold enough to play full out and stay in the game long enough that we uncover the real gems of our success.

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