Magnetic Marketing Series: I’ve Got Something to Say; How About You?

Let me guess, I bet that over the years you’ve probably heard statements like: “To get along, you need to go along” or “Don’t rock the boat!” – Am I right or what?

“You can’t be everything to everyone but you certainly can be an awful lot to a select few”

Worse yet, you’ve probably heard them so many times that there’s a good possibility that they’ve been unconsciously programmed into your way of being. Maybe it shows up for you as having a fear of confrontation or simply being uncomfortable with fully expressing yourself or your opinions. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and it hasn’t affected you at all – if so, good for you – consider yourself fortunate!

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Now I speak and write a lot on the topic of magnetizing yourself and your business through your marketing to attract the best of everything – the best Clients, the best prospects, the best business partnerships, the best employees, etc., etc., etc. And believe me, magnetically attracting what you want certainly beats chasing after it all the time – chasing tends to be both time consuming and very expensive.

So to further our conversation today, I’d like to point out one very important quality that commonly shows up with magnetic people or businesses (or as I call them, magnetic marketers) – and that is their willingness to be opinionated and heard.

So with that being said, let’s get something really clear here… Magnetic Marketers have opinions and they’re not afraid to share them!

Case in point, take a look at the politically astute comedian and television personality Bill Maher.  Bill Maher hosts a popular talk show on HBO called “Real Time with Bill Maher”.  On his show, Bill clearly articulates and expresses his thoughts and opinions on current political events and provides the impetus for his guests and audience to do the same.

Now Bill’s the kind of guy that you either love him or you love to hate him. However, the bottom line is that he is magnetically drawing viewers in droves!And as a very magnetic marketer, Bill Maher invokes passion in his guests and his viewers and invoking passion is a key to getting people to pay attention and take action – isn’t that what we all want from our marketing – to get people to pay attention and passionately take action? I’d certainly say so.

Be mindful though when using this approach. Unless you’re known to be a comedian by trade, getting attention or a laugh at another’s expense is just wrong – don’t do it. That goes for whether the person being bashed is present or not – especially if they’re not! The bottom line here is that it most definitely will backfire on you. Your audience will start thinking things like… “Well, if he says that about him behind his back, I can only imagine what he says about me behind mine”.  Do yourself some justice and don’t sacrifice your integrity just to get attention. You most certainly can be opinionated and maintain your integrity at the same time!

Yes, there is one drawback to being opinionated and heard and that is that you might repel some people. My answer to that is so what. As I stated earlier in my opening quote, you can’t be everything to everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that! Ultimately, this will help you narrow your focus and allow you to attract others that like you for you – these are those people in your target market that have a higher potential to be the best clients, the best prospects, the best business partnerships, the best employees, etc., etc., etc.

So in closing, remember the 80/20 rule; where 80% of your audience will give you 20% of your business and the other 20% will give you 80% of your business – focus on that 20%!; And whether knowingly or not, by becoming an opinionated and heard magnetic marketer you are leveraging the Law of Attraction to draw those 20% towards you.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2011 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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