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Are You and Your Business a Victim of ‘Marketing Clutter’?

Are you or your business a victim of marketing clutter? Check out this week’s Marketing Minute to see how this effects your marketing.

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Recently I’ve been on a mission to clear the clutter from all areas of my business and life. I’m just amazed at how much clutter I had allowed in – clutter on my desk, on the floor, on the walls, on my bookshelves, clutter in my closets, clutter in my computers, and even clutter in my marketing too? – Clutter was everywhere – and I consider myself a somewhat organized guy. However, the stuff seemed to continually sneak its way in and never thought to leave once its truly useful period had passed. If you subscribe to Feng Shui, clutter had been draining and stifling my energy and effectiveness in accomplishing my goals.

Now I believe that one person’s clutter could be another person’s gold. So, in other words, this clutter I speak of was stuff that I’ve accumulated that wasn’t serving me any longer. However, that doesn’t mean that things I deem as clutter couldn’t serve someone else. So I graciously acknowledged the clutter for its contribution to me and gave it new life by donating it to others who could and would put it to use.

So why do I share this with you? All of your clutter affects your ability to market yourself and your business effectively. And let me go ahead and define what I will refer to as ‘marketing clutter’ as any marketing that doesn’t currently serve you. While it may have served you once, it’s no longer effectively contributing to your bottom line – your income.

So let me ask you when the last time you reviewed your marketing plan for clutter was? 

Or, wait a minute, let’s take a step back. 

Do you have a marketing plan for your business? If you do, great! However, allow me to suggest that unless you’re reviewing it on a reasonably regular basis (e.g., monthly or, worst case, quarterly), now is probably the time to dust it off and take a close look at what is working as well as what’s not working in your marketing.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, allow me to suggest the possibility that alone may put you on a path to marketing clutter. Not having and following a marketing plan tends to promote what I call the three most significant marketing recipes for failure: ‘ Casual Marketing,’ ‘Spray & Pray Marketing,’ and ‘Flavor-of-the-day Marketing’ – all of which lead to ‘marketing clutter.

As for ‘what’s working, I highly suggest you maximize those marketing efforts until the law of diminishing returns sets in and it no longer makes sense.

As for ‘what’s not working,’ allowing those marketing efforts to continually drain your resources for a less than needed return on investment is referred to as ‘marketing clutter’ and should be eliminated, redirecting your resources to more promising marketing efforts.

Let me give you an example. 

I’m an avid networker and use networking as a critical marketing strategy for my business. Recently, when reviewing my marketing plan with my business partner and my business coach, one marketing effort in particular that I’ve seemingly overlooked showed up for them. One of the networking groups I belonged to had become ‘marketing clutter,’ and they strongly suggested that I eliminate it and redirect my efforts to more fruitful marketing endeavors. Little did I realize that although this networking group had become ‘marketing clutter,’ I turned a blind eye to it because I was emotionally attached to this group. Additionally, it became routine – I got comfortable. 

Now in marketing, that’s a dangerous place to be. So long story short, I was coached and reminded to be the CEO of my life and lead my team, so I eliminated that networking group from my marketing. 

So what did that accomplish? Ultimately by removing the ’marketing clutter,’ I made room for other more suitable and potentially lucrative networking activities – one such new networking group that I’m excited about had shown up about a day later. Now would that new group has shown up in my life if I had continued with the old group? Hmmm… I’ll let you ponder that one a bit.

So in closing, let me leave you with this thought. 

We are the captains of our own ships embarked on the journey we call life. We do not need anything unnecessarily complicating or cluttering up that journey. In our way, we all want that journey to be successful – whatever success looks like to each of us. Clearing the ‘marketing clutter’ and any other clutter in our minds and environment will clear the path and light the way to that success we search for.

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