How Does Your Marketing Stack Up On The ‘Fun-Meter’?

Do you have the competitive advantage in your small business marketing?

Ah, Halloween one of my favorite times of the year. There’s just something about Halloween that seems to bring out the child in me. It takes me back to simpler times and flat out just makes me want to have fun. Costumes, scary movies, parties, candy, all certainly for some reason or another, seem to add up to a good time. I guess that little child in me still exists and as far as I’m concerned, thank goodness for that!

So why is it that so many of us as we grow older tend to lose that sense of fun and excitement? Life becomes common and almost sterile. And as for business, why does it have to be so serious? Wouldn’t it great if everyday of your business life was fun and remarkable? If it already is, then my hat’s off to you, because you are definitely doing something right.

Now, a simple interpretation of the Law of Attraction is that u2018like attracts like’. So it should be safe to say that if you want to attract more fun in your business, you might want to be more playful yourself. And since most businesses use their marketing to attract what they hope will be their ideal prospect to them, why not be more playful in your marketing? Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your prospects. I have to say that most of the marketing that I see on a daily basis is simply sterile – it’s institutionalized marketing. And I have one word to say about that, and that’s u2018BORING’.

So if that’s the case, then u2018WOW’, that’s certainly a great opportunity for those of us who dare to be different!

Now I have to ask you, have you looked at your marketing lately? How does your marketing come across? Is it different, fun, and remarkable, or is it, how did I say that before, u2018BORING’?

So, if you have a fun side to you like I do, then don’t be afraid to be authentic – let your playfulness shine though in your marketing, dare to be different, and reap the rewards.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and here’s to your success!


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