Is Your Marketing Lacking This Core Concept?

"I'm a believer in momentum."

Lance Armstrong (7-time Tour de France champion)

Let’s face it, in business it’s out of sight, out of mind; out of mind, and you’re quickly out of business. So ta-da! Marketing to the rescue! It’s the job of marketing to make sure you stay top-of-mind and in business with your target market.

Now marketing is a process that must remain in motion in order to produce more consistent results. Unfortunately, this is where so many small businesses fall down. They create a marketing piece once, run it once, and sit back and wonder why no one’s knocking down their door frantically looking to buy. 

Or another common scenario is they market like crazy, create some marketing momentum, get some clients and then stop marketing – losing all the marketing momentum they worked so hard and spent so much money to build. While this may create some growth spurts, it certainly creates dry spells as well. For small businesses, nothing hurts more than dry spells.

And how do you avoid dry spells? – With a consistent dose of marketing – more specifically, with ‘marketing momentum’.

So how can you create marketing momentum for your business? Well:

  • Publishing a weekly newsletter creates marketing momentum.
  • Posting to your blog several times a week creates marketing momentum.
  • Running an ad in at least 4 consecutive issues of a publication creates marketing momentum.

The key here is maintaining consistent visibility with your target market – stay in front of them. The common notion amongst marketers is that it takes anywhere from 4 to 7 touches just for your target market to acknowledge your existence – let alone buy from you.

So you want marketing momentum? – Then think of marketing as an ongoing process not a single event. As a matter of fact, bundle your marketing into campaigns of multiple marketing events – at least 4 to 7 to begin creating top-of-mind awareness – many more if you want more consistent results.

So in closing, I’m with Lance… I’m a believer in momentum as well… marketing momentum that is… how about you?

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