Dean’s Top 10 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2006 (Part II: The Second Five)

Dean Mercado Coaching & Strategy

“The best of prophets of the future is the past” – Lord Byron

Well I certainly hope you enjoyed last week’s article where I uncovered the first five of my “Top 10 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2006”. In a nutshell they were:

  1. There Is Only NOW.
  2. The Law Attraction.
  3. Don’t Be Attached To An Outcome.
  4. Systems & Projects.
  5. Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better.

Let’s continue on with numbers six through ten from our list:

  1. A Scarcity Mindset Is A Repellent.
    Be mindful of the space you are coming from. Coming from a space of scarcity while attempting to enroll others in you and your business, makes you appear needy and desperate and tends to repel them. Instead, try coming from a space of abundance where anything and everything you desire is possible and see how you begin to become a magnet for those you wish to attract.
  2. Do What You Do Best and Outsource The Rest.
    Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do it all yourself. It’s more expensive than you realize – in many cases it can be even more expensive than hiring an expert to do it for you.
  3. It’s All About Team.
    Don’t try to go it alone – it doesn’t make sense, you don’t have to. The lone-ranger mentality doesn’t work. The power lies in attracting the best people you can to help you achieve your vision. Check with Bill Gates, that’s what he did to create Microsoft and last I checked they’ve done pretty well for themselves over the years.
  4. Invest In, And Lead With, Your Marketing Strengths.
    For me, I do my best marketing when I’m speaking on stage to an audience. So it makes complete sense to leverage this marketing strategy to the hilt going forward as opposed to others that I might not be so good at. So what’s your marketing strength? And how can you best leverage it?
  5. Don’t Try To Be Everything To Everyone
    The concept of jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none went out of style a long time ago. More than ever, people are seeking out the experts for everything – and the experts are complying by carving out and focusing on niches. For example instead of a handyman to install our crown molding, we want a crown molding specialist. This doesn’t mean the days of the handyman are dead; they’re just not nearly as lucrative as they once were.

So in closing, one of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned in my life, especially since I have four brothers (three of which are older and full of lessons to learn from), was exactly that – to learn from not only my experiences but, from the experiences of others. I sincerely hope you allow yourself to do the same.

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