Digital Strategist

How Your Business Can Benefit from Hiring a Digital Strategist

Dean Mercado Coaching & Strategy

As a responsible business owner, you know how important a solid marketing strategy is for your business’s success. Reaching the right customer base can make or break your ability to maintain profits. That’s why it is important to take marketing seriously. There is something you need to consider, though. A marketing strategy in the modern day is pretty much nothing …

how to improve your website

How to Improve Your Website in 7 Easy Steps

Dean Mercado Website Tips

Your website is essentially the online face of your company. If that’s the case, what does your website say about you? Is it easy to navigate? Can visitors determine what your company does within seconds of landing on your homepage? The truth is your website can’t succeed simply by the quality of content alone. For the optimum user experience, you …

marketing automation for small business

6 Ways Marketing Automation for Small Business Can Boost Your Growth

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Marketing automation for small business is proving to be an awesome resource. Why do we know this to be true? Already, 49% of companies have begun to use marketing automation. Plus a whopping 55% of B2B companies use the software. Both percentages are increasing every year. New companies are seeing the benefits and automating their marketing campaigns. Within 6 months of implementing …