What is organic SEO

What Is Organic SEO And Why You Need To Care

What is your SEO strategy for your business? Is it working? How do you know?

This video simplifies and define the 2-sides of the organic SEO coin.

Video Transcript

Hi! Do you have an SEO strategy for your business? If you do, is it working and how do you know?

Hi, I’m Dean Mercado with Online Marketing Muscle and today what I have in store for you is a little bit on the concept of organic SEO. I wanted to kind of give you a little bit of insight on what it is and what you need to know about it. Here goes: Put it to you really simply, what you want to know is that from the organic SEO standpoint, there are kind of two sides to the coin. Really to be successful with SEO in your business, you have to address both sides of this coin effectively. I say that, effectively, really you do.

First side of the coin: I want you to think of the first side of the coin as on-page SEO. On-page SEO. What I mean by that is the stuff that you can control on your website: Choosing keywords, the right keywords to use in your content. When it comes to the on-page SEO, the one side of the coin, I want you to think content, keywords. Content, keywords. So you got to do your keyword research, find out what people are looking for, create relevant content that your audience may be interested in. That’s the on-page SEO side of things.

Then you got the off-page SEO side of the coin. What I mean by that is the things that are outside or external to your website. For example, we look at backlinks as the main contributor there, so backlinks, and I’ll add into that, citations. I want you to think backlinks, citations. Citations are any time another website mentions your company name, your phone number, your address, that’s a citation. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a link back to you. Links are great, but it’s not always the only thing that’s necessary. Backlinks and citations are the off-page SEO.

You need the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and those are the two sides of the coin of organic SEO. Here’s to your success!


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