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Pumped Up Business: Reflecting Your Way To Greatness!

One Step Backward… Ten Steps Ahead!

Why do some businesses succeed where others do not?  One key reason is how quickly those businesses integrate the lessons learned from the past to propel their business forward to success.

This free eBook is designed to provide you with the tools and some coaching to guide you through the reflection process and help you uncover powerful solutions for your future.  Inside this power-packed eBook written by longstanding marketing coach and strategist Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle®, you will find exercises such as:

  • Using “breakthroughs” to reflect on what worked for you so you can do them more
  • Thinking through your “breakdowns” to uncover future opportunity
  • Uncover your “tolerations” to maximize your effectiveness
  • Discover how the “risks” you have taken have impacted your business
  • Clarify where your business is going… exactly
  • And finally, 10 Change Agent questions to propel your success in the upcoming year and beyond
FREE Special Report - Pumped Up Business

Please note that as an added bonus, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to Online Marketing Muscle’s popular Marketing Minute ezine.

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