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How To Remove Your Target Market’s Fears About Doing Business With You

Are you getting a lot of buying resistance from you target market? In this video, marketing coach and co-author of #1 Bestseller “The MindStretch”, Dean Mercado, discusses his 3 “E’s” for removing sales barriers and increasing your business success.

How do you remove the fears your target market may have about doing business with you?  Those fears can show up in a lot of different ways and how they respond to you.

Now assuming they know of you already, (I’m going to make that assumption that they know of you), big fears might be the fear of making a bad decision or the fear of looking bad.  And looking bad is an oversimplification, but really what it boils down to is, they don’t want to look bad.  They don’t want to make a bad decision.  This can stop a lot of prospects from doing what you want them to do.

If they can’t get enough information or they can’t see the value, whatever it is, whatever is stopping them, we want to remove those fears. 

As marketers, and yes we are all marketers, whether you realize it or not, it’s our job and our responsibility to remove those fears.  We need to establish value in order to move them closer to buying from us.  We need to establish credibility. Credibility, that’s what removes fears! When we establish enough credibility with our target market those fears tend to go away a little bit.

The Three "E's" to Use with Your Target Market

I want to give you what I call my 3 “E’s”.  Three “E’s” as in the letter “E” that you should be using to relieve the fears that they may have with doing business with you. 


Education, we’ve go to educate.  We can’t be afraid to give away information.  Much like you are seeing here, this is education.  We can’t be afraid to give away some information. Help people make better decisions.  That’s what is going to make them want to be around you more is your helping them. They really do start to see you as an ally and as someone who does really have their best interests at heart.  Who are you going to buy from? The person who doesn’t help you at all or the person who has been trying to help you over a period of time? And realize nothing happens overnight.


The second big “E” I want you to consider is endorsements.

It’s one thing if you tell me you’re great, it’s a whole other ball game if someone I know, like and trust tells me that you’re great.  Endorsements are huge when it comes to building credibility. Especially if those endorsements come from reputable people.  


And the third big “E” I want to give you and leave you with is energy. You’ve got to have great energy.  Call it the sixth sense, call it whatever you want, that intuition. Whatever you want to call it, people pick up on your energy and that helps them determine whether they feel comfortable with you or not.  I mean have you ever met somebody and you just don’t know why you don’t like them? There’s just something about them that doesn’t resonate with you? We’re all made of energy and I’m not going to get all philosophical on you here, but we’re all made of energy so we do pick up on the energy vibration of one another.  So if someone has great energy that moves you, inspires you, makes you feel good, that removes fears. Makes them feel good about you. Makes them open to what your educational message is or any other message you might have.  

The key here is we remove those fears from our target market by building our credibility using education, endorsements and our energy. 

31 thoughts on “How To Remove Your Target Market’s Fears About Doing Business With You”

  1. Avatar of Craig Sedoris

    As always spot on. May it should be your three “E’s” of becoming “Extra Effective.” Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar of Lindsey Silvestrini
    Lindsey Silvestrini

    Interesting! I like things like this where they simplify it and break in down into what you will remember like the three “E”s!

  3. Avatar of Elizabeth Towns

    You give such great information. Love your 3 E’s. I’m going to start employing them with my next rework cycle. I needed that.

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