Are People Talking About You Online?

Reputation Management is critical for small business. One bad online review, whether deserved or not, can thoroughly damage your chance at success.

In this video, I share a simple and free tool you can use to begin managing your reputation online.

For those of you who would rather read the transcript:

Are people talking about you online? Now that could be good, that could be bad. The key is are they? And how do you know?

Hi I’m Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle. What I’d like to share with you here today is a simple little tool that I use and I’m suggesting you maybe want to take a peak at for yourself to monitor whether or not people are talking about you. That simple little tool is a tool called Google Alerts. Google Alerts. It’s a free little tool that you can use that anybody can use to have Google watch your brand for you and notify you on whatever period you want to let you know whether or not somebody is talking about you. So very simple you can go to I believe, I’m just going to look at my computer real quick,

Sign in with a Google account, if you don’t have one, create a Google account, anybody online these days really needs to have a Google account, my opinion. There’s just too many Google tools out there that you can use for different things. But anyway, create a Google account, go to Google Alerts and what you want Google to start tracking for you are keywords that have to do with your brand, so maybe your company name, your own personal name and maybe some keywords that identify your services, your main offerings.

For me maybe it’s web design, website design. Maybe it’s marketing coaching. Find those keywords for you and enter a few of those. And then tell Google how often you would like to be notified if somebody’s using those phrases, those terms and you can use Google Alerts for more than just keeping an eye on when people are talking about you. You can also keep an eye on when people are talking about your subject matter. Very important for the marketing and sales process.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you were introduced to this Google Alerts tool. It is free. Take advantage of it. Set it up, it takes all of a couple of minutes to set up and start having Google notify you on whatever period when people are talking about you.

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