Secret Formula To Writing The Perfect Testimonial


Want more testimonials from clients? Need a simple formula for writing a testimonial that gets results? Well then watch this video for a proven testimonial template as well as a few other powerful tips on how to get testimonials for your business easier and faster than ever before!

And for those of you who would prefer to read, here’s the transcript:

Hi this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle and welcome!

I have a great conversation for you in store today. This one is all about testimonials and I call it the secret formula to writing the perfect testimonial. So this is really geared more towards you being able to share this with your clients to help them write you testimonials. Because that’s ultimately what you want. But we find that even though you earn the testimonial, even though you may ask for the testimonial.

You still may have difficulty getting the testimonial and part of it is because the client gets caught up, they get wrapped up in not knowing how to start and assemble it. They don’t want to sound stupid when they’re writing the testimonial, so by offering them a simple little template or format that can make their life easier in the process you may get what you want, get that testimonial.

So it’s as simple as this, in the testimonial you’re asking them to provide the past, the present and the future. In other words, where were they before working with you, using your product, using your service? Where are they now as a result of using your product or the service and where do they see themselves going? What’s possible for them now. The future, what does the future hold for them? So past, present, future. Right, if you can lay that out of them and just say where were you before? Where are you now? What do you see happening for your business or yourself now as a result going forward? Right, very simple little format. And you can remember it easy, again, past, present and future.

And then as a bonus, if you have a great relationship with that client, you may want to ask them if they’d be willing to add a call to action to this testimonial. What do I mean by that? Very simply put, you know where they say if you also want this result in your business, you’d be crazy not to call Dean immediately. Or if you also would like to lose 30 pounds or more like I did, you may want to give this person a call or jump into their program immediately. Those are the little calls to action that would just make it a little bit more powerful and impactful for that testimonial. As long as it seems like it’s coming from the right space and not contrived. So again, simple little format. Where were they before, where are they now, where do they see themselves going, what’s possible for them in the future. And the more specific they are in what they share there, this is what my income was before, after working with so and so my income is here now. I can see my income quadrupling in the upcoming year because of what I learned here. You’d be crazy if you are looking to double your business too, you’d be crazy not to call so and so. Very powerful. I weighed this much before, now I weight his much after six weeks in their program. You know I see myself on a regimen now to really be able to get down to my ideal weight of this in a very very short period of time or within a year. You know if you’re also looking to do that, you might want to join up with so and so’s weight loss program immediately.

So again, it’s very specific, past, present, future possibilities and then if they’re really open to it, ask them for the call to action. Try this on. I’d like to know how it works for you. I know when I provided it to my clients in the past, it really makes the process easier and it enabled them to write me reviews a lot faster.

Another thing I might suggest, I just, I was going to cut the video there one other little tip for you, I also found that, and this is not meant to be unethical, but write it for them. And say, Mr. or Miss client, you know I’m looking for a testimonial something like this and write it out and I tell you, 9 times out of 10 they’ll say, that sounds great, why don’t you just use that. Go ahead, go for it. Fantastic, now you got your testimonial. So the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to comply with what you are asking for. But you remember you do have to earn it and you do have to ask for it. But if you make it easier for them by providing this secret formula, this template, you may get what you want. Write it for them and you may get it even faster. So try it on and let me know how you make out.

This is Dean Mercado, once again from Online Marketing Muscle. Here’s to your success!

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