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Setting SMART Goals? Real Marketing Plan Ideas with Purpose

Bill Baylis Coaching & Strategy

Setting goals any time of year is always a smart idea. Show me a successful business that goes through their daily routine and reacts to crisis whenever it occurs. Without a goal to work for, we are just winging it. The most thriving companies and entrepreneurs plan! (Both personally and corporate) They put a picture of success in their minds then work with discipline to achieve those goals.

The S.M.A.R.T Goals System is an excellent Road MAP to use to keep the process simple and clear. The letters are an acronym explaining steps to accomplish goals…Each letter in S.M.A.R.T has its own significance; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-sensitive.

With Refection, Action and Goal Setting Simplicity in mind, here are some goals that should be targeted in small business marketing plans.

  1. Facebook: (Rethink the Page.) Hurricane Sandy has left its mark; no business should accept having 38 likes on Facebook Company Page.
  2. Be Square: (Always take payments.) Have a backup plan to your online internet credit card processing. Cell phone devices and smart phone apps solve the problem of placing that sign that’s says Internet Down “CASH ONLY” Today.
  3. Lead by example: (Attract) It’s simple, you expect others to buy from small business, in return buy from small business. Have company policy that reflects change you want.
  4. Have Purpose and Objective: (be clear) Begin with the end in mind. Keep the focus on what is most important.
  5. Pick up the Phone: (Be real) Touch your target market and clients. Plan to be a real part of their lives.

When planning, keep it SMART and simple…  Still throw down a challenge and think bold. Bring accountability partners into your life that a driven to keep their goals and raise your game.

What’s missing… comment and add your own SMART GOALS, Quotes or Systems that work for you.

Happy Goal setting!!

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