setting the stage for buying

Setting the Stage for Buying

What would your business look like if your clients were buying your products and services more often? How about if they bought more every time at the point of sale?

What would your business and your life look like if you were not only able to get your client’s to buy once from you, but you able to get them to buy over and over again on a repeating schedule?  In addition, what would your business and your life be like if you were able to get them to buy more at the point of sale? You need to get repeat business. Want to know how to do that? Then read on…

It is critically important that we set the stage for buying. And what that means is secretly your clients want to be led. They want you to help them to understand what they should do and when they should do it. If you’re willing to take on a leadership role with them and educate them along the way, you really can do yourself justice in terms of doubling or even tripling your profits. 

Imagine you are a carpet cleaner. You do a cleaning for a client once, you get paid once and that’s it. If you don’t have a system in place to follow up, there’s no guarantee of future revenue.  What you have created there is a rollercoaster ride type of business. There’s no guarantee of revenue or income at all. Not that there is ever a guarantee, but we want to make it as much as a possibility as possible.

What if we were to educate our clients that carpet cleaning was really something that needed to be happen more than once, had to happen at least at a minimum of once a year.  We helped them and educate them as to why this is necessary. Over a period of time we keep sending them pieces of information to educate them why it is important and educating them to make a proper decision. A proper buying decision. People tend to buy from those who are in their corner. What if we were able to say not only is it important to get a cleaning done at minimum once a year, but if you have pets or small children then we recommend twice a year. What we are doing is that we are starting to set the stage for when or how often someone should buy. 

The educational pieces that we provide them point out the other questions, for example the “Why” which is the biggest question. Why should someone buy once a year, twice a year? This is critically important to getting your clients to buy more often. As well when we talk about a client buying more at the point of sale, if we educate them that if they buy widget “A” typically it’s in their best interest to accompany that with widget “B”. It makes widget “A” more effective if you pair it with widget “B”.  And we educate them as to why this is the case.

Think about your products or services and ask yourself the five “W’s”.  The who, what, when, where and why and then add on there the “how”. Who should be buying your product or service? What exactly should they be buying from you? These are things you do need to communicate to your audience and tell them exactly what they should be buying and when they should be buying them and why. This will help create more of an incline in revenue as well as opposed to the roller coaster ride of up and down income.

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