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Surefire Way To Never Have To Compete On Price Again!

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

Roger Staubach

With an 18-month-old daughter… who is now very mobile… and a second child on the way, my wife and I decided it was time to fence in our yard for both their safety and our sanity. So we started to solicit estimates from a few vendors. Much to our dismay, the prices for what appeared to be comparable fences varied by over $2000. Unfortunately for the vendors, there was little if any differentiation between them. They asked too few questions and made too few recommendations, and essentially positioned themselves to compete on price.  In my opinion, the worst positioning a small business can take!

So as responsible and mindful consumers, what did we do? While we didn’t hire the lowest priced vendor, we did, however, ask the one that gave us the best warm and fuzzy feeling to at least come close to the lowest price. We don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for that warm and fuzzy feeling, even in the current state of the economy. And I guess that many other consumers feel the same.

➊ Stand out!

My suggestion… avoid this scenario for your business at all costs! Don’t position yourself for a price war. Stand out!

How? It’s simple… Be willing to do the little things your competition is either unwilling or too lazy to do.

Why? Because it’s the little things that make all the difference! It’s the little things that show you care! It’s the little things that justify your existence and your fees! It’s the little things that get you hired!

➋ How?

We’re not talking about breaking the bank here. But, if you put just a little creative thought into this, there are dozens of little things you could do to outclass the competition. For example:

➌ And don't forget your current clients!

And to keep your existing clients happily paying your fees, you can model…

Sounds so simple right? Yet so few small businesses do these little over and above gestures. These little gems are examples of great marketing!

I’d be willing to bet that most customers of these vendors won’t be so concerned if their prices were a few dollars more.

The bottom line… Be remarkable in an unremarkable world! Do that, and you most certainly won’t be competing on price any longer.


2 thoughts on “Surefire Way To Never Have To Compete On Price Again!”

  1. Good read. We are experiencing this price war in the worst way with our vehicle wrap division. The competition cut corners to cut cost. We provide top quality product coupled with superior service. We are planning to make a video showing the art of vehicle advertising and our vehicle wrap process. Then share it on the website and video communities like YouTube and Vimeo.

  2. Craig A. Andreoli

    This blog post ties in with another post I recently read on gaining a competitive advantage. These are some great minds at work here and they are both coming up with the same solution. Do a bit more, care about your customers and your customers will care for you.

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