Use This Marketing Strategy To Make Your Phone Ring!


Be honest here… are you sitting around waiting for your phone to ring? In this video, Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle addresses the question he often gets ” how do I get my phone to ring?” Dean uncovers a small business marketing strategy that every business should add to their arsenal for growing their business.

Video Transcript

Hi this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle. Can you hold on one second? Keep holding, I’ll be right with you. Does that sight look familiar to you? What am I doing? I’m sitting here waiting for my phone to ring. I’m sitting here pining away waiting for somebody to call me and say Dean I’d love to buy what you sell. You know can you sell it to me right now? As if that’s going to happen that way.

So it’s a question that I often get asked. Especially from service businesses, that’s typically who I work with. Dean, how do I get my phone to ring? My phone’s not ringing, how do I get it to ring? So my first response to that typically is another question right back at them that says “well what are you doing to get your phone to ring?” What are you doing? A lot of that is marketing. What are you doing to market your business so that people call you? You’ve got to give them a reason. Now there’s something to be said, it’s an old cliche phrase, out of sight, out of mind. If you’re not marketing, you’re out of sight. If you’re out of mind when it comes time for them to make a buying decision, they’re choosing someone else. They’re calling someone else’s phone, not yours.

Top of Mind

So the idea here is you need to stay top of mind. And I use the word need only because of the content, the way the question is always being asked to me. The idea is you want to do enough things that keep you top of mind. I call these keep in touch strategies, KIT. KIT strategies, basically. A newsletter is one example of a keep in touch strategy. If you’re putting out a monthly newsletter and it’s not working so great for you what about if you did it bi-weekly instead and kept you even more top of mind? Just make sure you are adding value if you do that.  What about a blog? Are you blogging regularly? What about social media? Social media is dynamic for keeping in touch with people. What about simple things like birthday cards, greeting cards and certain times of the year on dates that are important to people? What about as you hear things happening for people you just call them up and say hey congratulations, how are you doing?

Stay in front of people. Get out there and meet with them. Run in their circles. KIT strategies folks, that’s how you get the phone to ring. So the idea is don’t allow yourself to become out of sight, out of mind. That is the wor1st position you can ever play from. It’s very reactionary when you sit here and you pine away for the phone to ring. Create it!  Make it happen!


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