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Social Media Like a Movie Star

Bill Baylis Social Media Marketing

Social Media Like a Movie Star

The other night I took my boys to the movies.  As we were watching the previews, and trying our best not to eat the treats we bought before the show, I realized how the movie business is a shining example of how to maximize the power of marketing and social media campaigns.

Most people think that a successful marketing campaign or movie release relies heavily on what is done during the event.  It’s really what happens before and after that count the most!

Movie marketers leverage a strategy which I call:

“The Pre, the During and the Post.”

Here is how we have all seen the movie industry put this approach into action:

Even the biggest dud of a movie, is “Pre- hyped” before the release with trailers, commercials, pre-release dates, and reviews from critics.  They spend the time to Spread the Word and Build Buzz.

On a given weekend the event day is here; the red button is hit and the movie is launched.

The marketing does not end here…  A new phase begins, the Post, with weeks and months building business with the audience.  The movie industry continues to establish a fan base to create long term engagement, such as DVD sales and sequels, and makes its millions here.

So what can we learn:  Client communications, advertising and PR in Pre and Post event activity makes the difference between a superstar- run campaign and a poor one.

Next time you gather your team to build your next marketing campaign, remember to include the 3 phases:  The Pre, the During and the Post.  To make sure it Rocks like a Movie Star, focus the bulk of your attention on the The Pre and The Post!

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