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Which Social Media Personality Type Are You?

In this fun and enlightening video, social media strategist Dean Mercado lays out four social media personality types and identifies which social media sites they most mimic. So which social media personality type are you?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle. Welcome to this edition of the Marketing Minute.

We’re going to have a little bit of fun. The guys at Online Marketing Muscle had a little too much time on their hands today and started thinking about the different personality types that we see across social media.

So the topic today is what social media personality type are you? We broke it down into four different categories or labels.

Here they are: number one is the Hunter, number two the Gatherer, three is the Medicine Man, and number four are those who enjoy the Pow Wow. So let’s break them down and talk about which social media sites resonate or represent those the best.

The Hunter enjoys the thrill of the chase; they enjoy the prospecting side. However, they are also seekers and the type that looks for answers. So the site that would resonate most with them would be LinkedIn. Also, Quora would be another excellent site for finding answers or answering other people’s questions.

Number two, the Gatherers are people that love hoarding things, organizing things, and gathering things. A site that would resonate most with that type of person is Pinterest. Flicker is another site where you organize and post your pictures. Social bookmarking type sites like Mix, Digg, or Delicious also would fit with the Gatherer type of personality.

Then we have the Medicine Man. The Medicine Man is the person with the answers. They are the Shaman or the Chief if that sits better with you. This type of personality fits well with Google+, Twitter and Quora. If you’re taking the role of answering other people’s questions, Quora would fit there. Some people like to philosophise, share their wisdom and knowledge, and be on a pedestal. They enjoy being in front of an audience and educating. That’s your Shaman or your Medicine Man.

Then we have the last, but not least, people who want to go to the Pow Wow. They want to be part of the Pow Wow. These people are the socializers looking to connect with others, have fun, and maybe do a little business. This type of personality is the Facebook users of the world.

So we’ve got the Hunter, the Gatherer, the Medicine Man, and we’ve got those that enjoy the Pow Wow.

So which one are you? We’d love to hear! From Dean Mercado at Online Marketing Muscle, Here’s to your success.

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