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Do You Have a Strong Brand Online?

CAUTION: You will be judged by the strength of your brand online!

In this video I share and recommend 2 simple and free key brand metrics every small business should track every month.

How strong is your brand online? There are two metrics that I think every business should keep regarding its brand on at least a monthly basis. Let’s dive in!

Your Company Name

I’d like you to go to and in the search bar type in open quotes the name of your company.  So for me it would be typing “Online Marketing Muscle”.  Then hit enter.

Now let’s take a look and see how many search results show up. Record that number in a spreadsheet with today’s date.

Let’s say there’s “x” many search results. The next step that I want you to do is go ahead and start parsing through the first three pages of the search results.

First, make sure you know how many are actually yours.  Is it ten out of thirty? Is it thirty out of thirty? Record the amount out of those that are actually you. The more that are actually you the better! You ultimately want to shoot for thirty out of thirty. Then just for your own sake, start going through those and make sure you know what each one of those links are.

The first one might be your actual website. The second one could be your Facebook page.  You also want to make sure that nothing bad is being said about you or none of those links go to anything that make you look bad (for example a bad Yelp review). If you do come upon something undesirable, you will want to keep adding good stuff to the Internet about your company so that those things show up at the top of the search results.

Ultimately you want a good amount of search results showing up regarding your company. It’s shows strength, it shows longevity, it shows that people are interested in you. 

Your Personal Name

The second big metric that I want you to keep is your personal name.  For me it might be open quotes “Dean Mercado”.

Do the same and record the number of overall search results. If there’s less than 1,000, chances are you have to do some work to build your personal brand. Then what we want to do again is go through the first three pages of results. How many out of the first thirty results are actually about you? This is not as easy to do because a lot of times there most likely will be someone else on the planet who has the same name as you. But you do want to dominate as much as possible.

It is possible that a prospect may Google your personal name. You want to make sure that the things that are showing up about you are positive things.


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