Secret Formula To Writing The Perfect Testimonial

Want more testimonials from clients? Need a simple formula for writing a testimonial that gets results? Well then watch this video for a proven testimonial template as well as a few other powerful tips on how to get testimonials for your business easier and faster than ever before!

And for those of you who would prefer to read, here’s the transcript:

How To Write Great Headlines

Did you know that the headline of your marketing piece (or email) is the key determinant on whether the reader reads further (or opens your email)? In this video, I demonstrate how to write a great headline and provide proven headline templates that get results. As promised in the video, here are the 6 proven headline templates I referenced (along with some examples):
  • How To _________________ (e.g. How To Write Great Headlines)
  • Are You Tired of _______? (e.g. Are You Tired of Not Earning The Money You Desire From Your Investments)
  • Top 10 _________________ (e.g. Top 10 Ways To Lose Weight Fast)
  • 3 Ways To ______________ (e.g. 3 Ways To Improve Your Love Life Immediately)
  • Secrets of _____________ (e.g. Secrets of Master Networkers)
  • ________ in _______ or Your Money Back (e.g. Play Drums in 7 days or Your Money Back)
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