Direct Response Marketing

A Complete Guide to Direct Response Marketing

Andrea Mercado Coaching & Strategy, Infusionsoft

Looking for a way to tell potential customers about your products and services? Want to compel them to buy right now? What if your consumers don’t want to purchase immediately? Don’t you want to nudge them towards an eventual purchase? Of course, you do! But if you’re a small business with a limited budget and small staff, your marketing methods must be …

Infusionsoft Long Island User Group

Online Marketing Muscle Reports They’ve Reached Infusionsoft Certified Partner Status

Andrea Mercado Infusionsoft, News & Events

The company has achieved the necessary certification to become an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and offers Infusionsoft based consulting packages, reports (Hauppauge, NY) Online Marketing Muscle announces that their President & CEO, Dean Mercado has achieved “Infusionsoft Certified Partner” status on their behalf, giving them exclusive rights to resell Infusionsoft software. In addition, the company now offers consulting packages including …