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The New Marketing… Funnels!

This concept “The New Marketing” isn’t really new.  Marketing funnels or marketing and sales funnels have been used by rock stars of the marketing and sales world for years, but do you understand the concept?  Check out the video and see what I have to say about this “new marketing”.

Video Transcript

Is your marketing set up to fail?  Let’s dig in!

Hi I’m Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle and what I have for you here today is a concept that I’m dubbing “The New Marketing”. Now is it really new?  No, not really.  But I’ll tell you what, the rock stars out there in the marketing and sales world have been doing this stuff for years.  And you know what?  The rest of us have not.  And the question is why?  Why haven’t we?

I’m talking about a concept called marketing funnels or marketing and sales funnels.  What’s a marketing and sales funnel you might ask? Well it’s more of an integrated approach to your marketing.  It’s more about business and not busyness.  Let’s take a look or step back and let’s say, let’s see how everybody’s doing marketing out there now.  Right now we’ve got a lot of people doing a lot of things.  We’re creating a lot of clutter across every single platform and medium out there today.  Just go on Facebook and you’ll know exactly what I mean.  So more of that, is that going to work?  Definitely not.  You might get lucky, but what you’re doing really is you’re really wasting a lot of time, money, energy on things that just aren’t cohesive, things that aren’t integrated.

So with a funnel, I want you to imagine a funnel and a funnel is not a new concept but imagine a funnel this way, we’re going to first use one tactic or strategy to drive traffic into that funnel.  Then we use another tactic or strategy to convert that traffic into leads for us to use in our business and to market and sell to further.  And then what we want to do is we want to engage that traffic and ultimately sell to that traffic.  So we’re pulling them down deeper into the funnel.  Now what we’re talking about is using numerous different tactics that combine then they combine together are really effective.

Let me give you some examples is probably the best way.  We might use as a tactic to drive traffic maybe a Facebook ad.  So we’ve got a Facebook ad and we’re driving traffic from that Facebook ad to maybe a webinar that we want to put on.  So we’re driving traffic to a webinar and while we’re doing that webinar we have some sort of a call to action.  If whether or not that person busy right then and there, the person who attends our webinar, we back that up with a system aimed at follow up and follow through.  Some of that follow up and follow through should be automated and some should not.  It depends on your scenario and what you’ve got going on.

Again we’re driving them into the funnel, we drive the traffic, we look to convert that traffic and then we engage that traffic.  And that’s a funnel.  Where you are using multiple different systems.  So we might use Facebook ads, we might use some sort of a webinar system, and then we might use some sort of a marketing automation system like an Infusionsoft.  That’s one example.

Let me give you another example.  We might use a Google Ad as our traffic, to drive the traffic in.  Then we might drive them to a landing page which offers them a free checklist or a free special report.  We call those lead magnets. So we might all go from Google Ads, drive them to a lead magnet with the intent of converting that lead magnet by getting them to sign up, to grab it.  Once they sign up, we put them in our marketing automation system to now market to them with the intent of nurturing, educating and eventually converting them to a sale.  Again, that’s an integrated system.  So I want you to think of your marketing and your sales process like that going forward.

Are the pieces in your marketing integrated?  Are they meant for one piece to tie into the next piece, to tie into the next like a perfectly organized chain?  That’s what I want you to think about.  That’s what I’m calling the new marketing.  The rock stars have been doing this for a while now and the rest of us, I don’t know what’s going on folks but either we don’t know it or we’re just missing the boat here.

So what I’m challenging you to do is to think about your marketing a little bit differently going forward.  Alright think of it in terms of funnels, as integrated systems.  So yeah it’s perfectly fine if you want to use LinkedIn in your business, or you want to use Facebook or some other social media tool in your business, that’s great, but how is it integrating with your lead conversion parts of your marketing?  How are you converting that audience you have on Twitter let’s say and getting them onto your CRM, your customer relationship management system so that now you can do some marketing automation and market to them effectively going forward.  So it’s a little different and with your traffic, driving traffic it doesn’t always have to be a paid thing either.

You could start out with a blog post that you share on social media and on that blog post when they go from social back to your blog to read your blog post, you have a call to action on that blog post which then gets them to do whatever it is you want them to do.  So your call to action or your lead magnet or whatever it is, it just has to be something that they would be interested in doing, having, buying, getting their hands 0n and the more juicy it is, the more sexy it is, the more likely they are to do it.

So again, the new marketing.  We’re talking about funnels you may have heard of them you may have not.  The question is are you using them? Or are you creating clutter?  For Dean Mercado, and my company, Online Marketing Muscle.  Here’s to your success.

Exponential Business Growth

Leverage These 2 Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

The key to exponential business growth is not trading time for money… it’s leverage!

That being said, here are 2 of my favorite tactics for gaining leverage in your small business.

Video Transcript

Hi Dean Mercado here from Online Marketing Muscle and I want to share with you something that I feel is critically important to the small business world. And that is this concept of the key to exponential growth is not trading time for money, it’s leverage, leverage. And what I’d like to share with you here today is two ways that you can add leverage into your business that may help you get to that exponential growth to help you move forward. Let’s jump right in.

First one that I want to share with you is one that is very near and dear to my heart and that is what I call marketing automation. Marketing automation. There are so many things that you can automate in your business instead of you having to do these things manually, which is what a lot of us do with a lot of things such as following up, following through with prospects and clients, like serving our clients, like welcoming a new client on board in what we call client on boarding, new employee on boarding. A lot of these tasks, these typically manual things we do can be automated to a large degree, thus freeing up us the business owner to do other things that really really warrant our attention. That help us take that time that we would have been spending to do some of those things and applying them to other things that might generate new business. New business growth. More efficiencies in our business, so marketing automation is the first of the two that I’m going to share with you here today. Now I’m pretty fond of a tool out there called Infusionsoft. You may or may not have heard me talk about it before. If you haven’t, go on my website and check it out and find out a little bit more about it because it’s really really changed the dynamic of my own business. I could not run my business the way I do without it. It makes it look like there’s like 50 Deans running around. Now that might be a little crazy thought to you, it is to me, but it gives that ability to be in multiple places seemingly at one time. Marketing automation is the first way I want to share to get some leverage in your business.

The second big way that I want to share is outsourcing. Outsourcing. In a lot of cases we don’t need to hire 50 million employees. There are plenty of people out there that are up to the task. You’ve got something specific you need done, there are people out there, the ones I like are called Virtual Assistants that you could bring on board to handle specific things. I’m much more in alignment of the thought process of I’d rather bring on an expert in a certain area as opposed to a generalist. So if I need something specific done I’d rather pay a little bit more and get an expert to do it as opposed to the general handyman to come in and handle certain things. There are virtual assistants out there, there are experts in certain areas out there. There are also sites out there where you can find things, there’s one called Fiverr, that you can go out there and for five bucks you can get somebody to do something for you. Let’s say I shoot this video and I want it transcribed. I can go up to Fiverr, upload the video there and hire someone for five bucks to transcribe this thing. Now that’s an awful lot better than me sitting down trying to transcribe this video. Again, outsourcing is a real viable option for your business. You know what we’re looking for is leverage. You might have heard the acronym OPM, other people’s money that was big in the real estate investing side of things. But what we’re always looking to do is get leverage by tapping into other people’s money, other people’s time, other people’s resources and if we’re able to duplicate ourselves or clone the owner, the concept I call it with things like marketing automation, even better. Look into those two things, look into your business and look for the things that are either not getting done, they’re not getting done effectively, or just not at all rather. They’re things that you just hate doing. Things that are slowing you down and stopping you with busyness and not allowing you to do business.


Why We Love Infusionsoft (and you should too)!

Ever hear of marketing automation? How about workflow automation? Need to get more leverage on your business?

In this video segment, Infusionsoft Certified Partner and enthusiast Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle identifies 5 ways Infusionsoft made a huge impact on his business (as well as the businesses of many of his Clients).

Video Transcript

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