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Are You Guilty of ‘Spray & Pray’ Marketing?

This post is part of the “Marketing Recipes for Failure” Series.


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"The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it"

Ah, the wasteful ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach.

It’s just like using a shotgun to hit your target instead of a sniper rifle. The shotgun spraying ammo all over the place and maybe catching a piece of your target while the sniper rifle zooms in and hits your target dead center.

Choose your weapon carefully as the wrong choice can prove costly.

In marketing, for my money, I choose the accuracy of the sniper rifle. I want to hit my target market dead-on every time.

Now unless your business is drowning in excess cash… so much so that you have an extreme need to just throw money overboard to lighten your load… a real strategic approach is needed to ensure that your marketing gets the biggest bang-for-the-buck.

Spraying your marketing message out to anyone and everyone and hoping that the right someone will immediately come knocking at your door just doesn’t cut it.

On many occasions, I’ve seen businesses get frustrated and give up on a great marketing strategy because when they applied it, they used a ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach.

And guess what?

It didn’t work out well.

They essentially threw out costly resources and got extremely frustrated and discouraged in the process.

So how do you avoid the ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach?

Well here are 3 steps to a more strategic marketing approach:

❶ Ready!

Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing – have a clear vision of what you want and set specific goals to accomplish it.

Set your sight on the desired end result in your mind’s eye and ready yourself to go after it.

❷ Aim!

Who do I want to serve and why?

Are they hungry for what I’m offering?

Do they have the money to spend on what I’m offering?

Does my product or service solve a specific problem or need for them? If so, what problem or need?

Ask yourself these questions and more until you have clearly defined your ideal prospect from your target market. See a model of your ideal prospect in your mind’s eye and set you aim on them.

❸ Fire!

Now with the accuracy of a sniper’s rifle, display your marksmanship and deliver your marketing message right to the heart of your target market – nowhere else.

Essentially you want as close to a bull’s eye as you can get with every shot.

Extra, wasted shots cost money so accuracy is critical. Additionally, hitting the right target is also critical.

So in closing…

A little clarity can go a long way in positioning your small business for success!

Simple 1-2-3 Marketing Approach To Build Your Business

Not sure what to do to market your business? Looking for a boilerplate marketing system you can use to grow your business?

In this video, I share an easy-to-use marketing formula you can apply to increase your business success.

Video Transcript

Hi this is Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle and I have for you today what I call the simple 1-2-3 approach to your marketing that just gets results.  I want you to envision for a moment…I want you to envision a fishing net.  And now we’re going fishing, we’re out in the water and we take this big fishing net and we throw it out into the water.  There’s a school of fish that we’re trying to catch that happen to be swimming by and we throw our net into the water.  Now the chances are using a net we can catch more fish at a time as opposed to if I throw one fishing line over here, one fishing line over here and one fishing line over here. Maybe we catch 1, 2 or 3 fish, but the net kind of generates more of a result for us.  What I’m talking about is integrating your marketing that you do do to get your result that you’re looking for.  There’s an exponential effect when you start tying the marketing that you’re doing together.  Making it comprehensive.

For example, if you’ve ever listened to my stuff in the past, you know that I talk a lot about the purposes of marketing, the three purposes are to increase your visibility, credibility and reach.  Your visibility, your credibility and your reach.  Now let’s say you have one strategy that you’re going to use for each of those.  Those strategies are more powerful if they’re intertwined.  In other words, one of them is feeding the other one, which is feeding the other and as they are all tied together, you’re creating or forming this net that is able to capture and accomplish way more for you as opposed to doing this one little print ad over there and it has nothing to do with anything and your websites talking about over here which has nothing to do with the social media that you’re doing over here.  Let’s talk about tying them together in this little 1-2-3 kind of attack that I like to call.  Here’s a simple one.  I want you to envision that you’re reach strategy which you’re going to use to drive the traffic to this, you’re reach strategy, getting new suspects and trying to convert them into prospects is going to be social media let’s say.  So you are going to use social media to find and attract people that might be interested in what you do and you’re going to drive that traffic back to your website to what we call a landing page or a squeeze page on your website.  And that squeeze page is going to offer some sort of a special report… Top ten ways to do this…Three tips for this…the secret to doing that.  Whatever your service or product is you can come up with a very simple special report that you give away in exchange for their contact information.  So they come from social media, they come to your landing page, they want that report, they put in their name and their email… much like you are seeing on the screen, that’s why I kind of put the screen next to me here.

This is Get Your Rear in Gear.info and this is a little squeeze page that we have that offers a free video series for people.  Now this is what I’m saying you could do for your business..  You don’t have to do a video series  if that’s not easy for your, but you could very simply put together a simple documents.  Ten ways to do this…whatever this is for your business.  That special report is your credibility, that’s a second tool, that’s part of your website using as a tool in your marketing.  so we have social media as a reach strategy, we now have your website with the special report as a credibility strategy and then once they sign up and we deliver them that report we use email marketing as the third piece of this to increase your visibility.  where we can keep pulsing them with let’s say a newsletter, much like how many of you are receiving this video.  It’s via newsletter that comes from me and my company.  That little trifecta system, drive the traffic with social media, convert them with the squeeze page or the landing page with the credibility building special report and email them on a regular basis to keep them warm and keep moving them closer to buying from you.  This is a very simple marketing approach for you to take for anyone to take.  It’s not as difficult as it sounds, it might require you to dig in a little bit and just sink your teeth into this but what we’re looking at is a very integrated marketing approach that can garner you much higher results than as if we just have a website doing nothing on its own and we’re over here hanging out on social media doing nothing to tie it together with our website.  And we’re doing nothing to build our credibility which keeps people a lot of people from buying from us.  Try this one on.  Think about how you can apply this 1-2-3 kind of attack or approach to your business.  That was social media as the reach campaign, then you had the website with the special report to build your credibility and then you had the visibility or the pulsing strategy using email marketing.  And you could use whatever email software you want to do this.  There’s tons of them out there.

For me Dean Mercado, Online Marketing Muscle I hope you try this one on because this is really all it takes to build a very robust business and get the results you’re looking for.  So again for me Dean take care, make it an outstanding rest of the week.  Bye now.


The 3 Core Purposes for Marketing

What marketing strategies and tactic do you employ for your business? Why did you choose those ones? In this video, Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle communicates the 3 core purposes for marketing and touches on possible marketing strategies and marketing tactics to make your marketing more effective.


Use This Marketing Strategy To Make Your Phone Ring!

Be honest here… are you sitting around waiting for your phone to ring? In this video, Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle addresses the question he often gets ” how do I get my phone to ring?” Dean uncovers a small business marketing strategy that every business should add to their arsenal for growing their business.

Video Transcript

Hi this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle. Can you hold on one second? Keep holding, I’ll be right with you. Does that sight look familiar to you? What am I doing? I’m sitting here waiting for my phone to ring. I’m sitting here pining away waiting for somebody to call me and say Dean I’d love to buy what you sell. You know can you sell it to me right now? As if that’s going to happen that way.

So it’s a question that I often get asked. Especially from service businesses, that’s typically who I work with. Dean, how do I get my phone to ring? My phone’s not ringing, how do I get it to ring? So my first response to that typically is another question right back at them that says “well what are you doing to get your phone to ring?” What are you doing? A lot of that is marketing. What are you doing to market your business so that people call you? You’ve got to give them a reason. Now there’s something to be said, it’s an old cliche phrase, out of sight, out of mind. If you’re not marketing, you’re out of sight. If you’re out of mind when it comes time for them to make a buying decision, they’re choosing someone else. They’re calling someone else’s phone, not yours.

Top of Mind

So the idea here is you need to stay top of mind. And I use the word need only because of the content, the way the question is always being asked to me. The idea is you want to do enough things that keep you top of mind. I call these keep in touch strategies, KIT. KIT strategies, basically. A newsletter is one example of a keep in touch strategy. If you’re putting out a monthly newsletter and it’s not working so great for you what about if you did it bi-weekly instead and kept you even more top of mind? Just make sure you are adding value if you do that.  What about a blog? Are you blogging regularly? What about social media? Social media is dynamic for keeping in touch with people. What about simple things like birthday cards, greeting cards and certain times of the year on dates that are important to people? What about as you hear things happening for people you just call them up and say hey congratulations, how are you doing?

Stay in front of people. Get out there and meet with them. Run in their circles. KIT strategies folks, that’s how you get the phone to ring. So the idea is don’t allow yourself to become out of sight, out of mind. That is the wor1st position you can ever play from. It’s very reactionary when you sit here and you pine away for the phone to ring. Create it!  Make it happen!


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