Target Market Awareness

How To Increase Top-Of-Mind Awareness With Your Target Market

I believe it’s safe to say that we all have our sphere of influence — extending from those who know, like, and trust us down to those who can still be influenced although they barely know us.

Now some of our spheres of influence may overlap our target market awareness. So one of our marketing goals is to continually expand our sphere of influence within that target market to create top-of-mind target market awareness. When anyone in our target market wants or needs what we do, they think of us first.

Target Market - Sphere of Influence

Get Clear... The Three Questions

Let’s begin by addressing 3 very important questions.

First… How vast is your circle of influence within your target market?

Second… How are you currently showing up for them? 

And third… How do you want to show up?

Be honest and thorough in answering these as your business does depend on it. Get help in answering them if needed. Have conversations with prospects and clients. Not only your best ones, though. Get a solid cross-section of your perfect target market.

This will provide us with both a benchmark and necessary insight to do some damage here.

Let's Play A Game

That was a tough assignment… now let’s have some fun. Let’s play a little game.

I’m going to name an occupation, a specific skill, or a trait, and I want you to name the first three people that come to mind for you… here goes.

How did you do? Fun (and interesting), right?

Now please do it again. Only this time, do it for you and your industry. Who are the first three people/businesses that come to mind for you?

So, in other words, if you are an insurance agent, who are the first three people that come to mind for you in the insurance business.

Lead by example, I always say. So, let me show you what I mean. Then, I will do it for my industry… marketing. Who are the first three rock star marketers that come to mind for me?

  1. Jay Abraham
  2. Dan Kennedy
  3. Gary Vaynerchuk

These names rolled easily off my tongue.

Your turn… Go!

Let's Analyze The Game Results A Bit

So why do you think this is so? Why do you think these people have top-of-mind awareness with us? 

Well, I’ll tell you… I can sum it up in one word… “Marketing.” It is effective marketing that makes these people known and “sticky.”

They’re somehow creating a buzz with their target market, regardless if they’re worthy or not, by either their actions, words, or both — in a nutshell, whether by accident or on purpose, that’s great marketing!

Let’s face it, and this may sting a little bit, in business, you can be the greatest at what you do; however, if no one knows about you, how great are you really… think about that.

Always remember: a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone's mind.

The Wrap And Some Homework

So in closing, I have a minor homework assignment for you. I’d like you to analyze your answers for the three people who had top-of-mind awareness for you in your industry. Why was this so? What were they doing to directly and/or indirectly cause this to happen?

Then I’d like you to reach out to several people in your target market awareness and start asking who has top-of-mind awareness for them when they think about what you do — and then probe to find out why. This is powerful stuff — it can give you real insight and clarity into what’s working for others who do what you do.

On a broader scale, my point is to learn from and capitalize on the actions of those who already have top-of-mind awareness. For whatever you want to be known for in your target market awareness.

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