Testimonials… What Our Clients Say

As we always say… do not take our word for it… take a peek at some of the testimonials our clients share about their experiences with us!

Rob AvantsI’ve had the privilege of working with Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle over the last 18 months and it has been a pleasure and great learning experience for the company. We’ve gained so much valuable information from our sessions that it’s impossible to put a price tag on. Each call we were provided with a fresh approach and a unique way for us to handle challenges we faced while working towards predetermined goals. Dean constantly demonstrated his knowledge about the latest and greatest marketing tools and trends. Dean has helped us take the business processes to another level. There is a long list of strategies and information that we will continue to use as we move forward. We’ve further leveraged the use of Infusionsoft marketing software which has automated our sales process, marketing, and customer communications while increasing overall productivity. Online Muscle Marketing is a fantastic resource and a must if you are looking to increase sales, streamline business processes, develop successful marketing strategies and campaigns, and ultimately grow your business.
Rob Avants
Busy Bee Cleaning Company

Sarah Vance Bruce Vance and I just completed a boot camp seminar with Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle and it was to study Infusionsoft which is a powerful CRM software… which we had dabbled in… but this seminar really helped us speed up the learning process. He moved us farther down the learning curve than we could have done on our own by this time. He made us much more comfortable with the elements… moving and duplicating… putting pieces of the puzzle together to the desired result… and showed how flexible it was. He also gave us ready-to-go campaigns to take home which will save us a lot of time and tears and I’m looking forward to tweaking those. Thanks Dean!
Sarah Vance
Town & Country Cleaning Services

Teresa Ward TestimonialMy name is Teresa Ward owner of Teresa’s Family Cleaning, and I have to say that Dean’s online marketing coaching sessions have really paid off for my company. I have my own in-house marketing team that goes to Dean for “refresher” coaching and because of all their hard work in updating and blogging on my website enables my company to be very searchable. My website is now the “GO-TO” site for all house cleaning tips and advice and I am sought after as an Expert in my field. Most recently having been searched and found on Google by the Dr. Oz show and appeared on the October 15th episode related to germs in the kitchen. It was a great opportunity that wouldn’t have happened had I not had a great marketing staff that was coached by you personally.
Teresa Ward
Teresa’s Family Cleaning

Larry Densen TestimonialIf you want great results from your marketing, call Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle. He has helped us triple our business over the last 3 years.
Larry Densen
Sign A Rama Hauppauge

Kenya Sykes TestimonialHad a great phone call this morning with my awesome business coaches, Dean Mercado and Bill Baylis from Online Marketing Muscle. All I can say is…WOW…those guys really know how to make you stretch to reach your full potential as a small business owner. I thank God for sending people to help bless me to another level.If you are a business owner and need a great coach to help you reach your full potential, you should look these guys up. I’m sore from all of that stretching, but thank God for it.
Kenya Sykes
K.M. Sykes CPA

Stacie McMillan TestimonialDean Mercado has personally coached me and has helped me believe in myself and cross barriers to make decisions in my business that have taken my business and personal goals to a whole new level!
Stacie McMillan
Clean & Simple Cleaning

Dr. Gregg Baron TestimonialStop trying to tackle the online community by yourself and create a “SYSTEM” with Online Marketing Muscle. SYSTEM stands for “Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.” Allow the experts at Online Marketing Muscle to transform your static website into a dynamic 24 hour a day, seven days a week online mobile billboard that literally floods the information superhighway with traffic that leads directly back to your front door!
Dr. Gregg Baron
DREAM Wellness

Susan Baylis TestimonialOur old website was just not getting any results despite dumping cash with a so called SEO expert. Online Marketing Muscle has built a Website for MAS that helps us gain top spots in the search engines and most important, phone calls from prospective clients.
Susan Baylis
Medical Account Solutions

Sarah Vance TestimonialDean is a wonderful person — he brought together great professionalism, enthusiasm and expertize from the get-go. He developed and launched a GREAT product (a fantastic website), encouraged and taught us every step of the way (helping us set goals and identify means to achieve them) and delivered results (achieving those goals with programs he helped us set in place) that exceeded our already high expectations. I didn’t know what ‘SEO’ was when I started – but you can’t tell that now, especially when you examine our website!
Sarah Vance
Town & Country Cleaning Services

David Kiser TestimonialDean Mercado is not just an Internet and Social Media expert. He is a business expert. Dean is very intuitive and understands what and how to administer the medicine he delivers to make you and your business soar. Everyone needs a coach and I am fortunate to have Dean on our team. Thank you Kevin and Teresa Ward for introducing us!
David Kiser
Champagne Cleaning Services

Abena Cannady TestimonialDean is very passionate about helping his clients. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with him through the “Get Your Year in Gear” coaching course. He gets you to see your business differently. With marketing I know I was playing “follow the follower” but Dean helps you to tailor your marketing for you, your area, your target. He’s got me started down the right path and I look forward to being able to work with him again in the future.
Abena Cannady
Nature First Cleaning Services

Stacy Luft TestimonialThe last two sessions of Social Media Mastermind have had incredible impact on how I handle my social media strategy! I learned so much from Dean. Working with my fellow masterminds in between sessions was also great. I was able to put into practice Dean’s techniques for immediate results! Any business owner would be nuts not to sign up!
Stacy Luft
CF Grow
Wells Ye TestimonialI just completed Dean’s Social Media Mastermind. Before the program, I had fear, frustration, and misunderstanding about how social media can help Fresh Tech Maid Services. After the program, I have a clear road map on how to utilize Social Media as a powerful marketing tool for Fresh Tech Maid Services. His program is excellent!
Wells Ye
Fresh Tech Maid Services

Barry Laub TestimonialDean is the consummate professional. He is dedicated to learning and assisting others. Dean truly goes the extra mile in delivering more and promising less. He does not do anything unless real value is provided with integrity. Dean would be my first choice as a marketing coach and internet media expert.
Barry Laub
Executive Coaching, Sales Training, Special Needs Consulting, Speaking, President of Infinite Resources, Inc.

Dalva Karpinski TestimonialBefore Dean’s Social Media Mastermind course, I had no direction when it came to social media. Dean’s course enlightened my path to online marketing. To quote Dean, “I hit the ground running.” I will keep running until I need to switch directions and hopefully Dean will be nearby to guide me again. Take the next available workshop Dean offers!
Dalva Karpinski
Absolutely Maid Clean

Lisa Kirkpatrick TestimonialI was fortunate to meet Dean at the ARCSI Leadership Convention in April 2011. Dean’s passion for his business and dedication to educate the participants was amazing! He came a day early to sit at round tables, offering to go to lunch with people, stayed before and after his speaking engagement to answer questions. Dean was also a keynote speaker during the event and taught social media in an understandable, easy to navigate process. Social media can be overwhelming but with Dean you can be a Social Media Rock Star!
Lisa Kirkpatrick
MTO Cleaning Services

Raina Raflo TestimonialDean gave a riveting and incredibly informative presentation at our ARCSI conference. I didn’t even realize what I didn’t know, and I look forward to being able to work with him in the future.
Raina Raflo
Sponge & Sparkle Cleaning

Shirley Perlinsky TestimonialDean is a very powerful speaker. I met him at a convention in Atlanta , and it changed completely the way I think about marketing and how to attract new clients. Thank you so much for your advice and motivation. Now I know what to do to grow my business.
Shirley Perlinsky
S&G Cleaning Services

Connie Georges TestimonialIf I want to learn from the best about a subject, I go find a person who is passionate about what they love to do and hire them. I was blessed to sit in a seminar at ACRSI conference, April 30th, I listened to Dean Mercado he is amazing and will take you to that next level in Internet Marketing. He truly understands the pains of a business owner. I highly recommend this Marketing Muscle Coach. Just amazing!
Connie Georges
Simply Special Cleaning Service

Teresa Ward TestimonialAs the Vice President of the ARCSI, and the President of Teresa’s Family Cleaning, it’s vital that any efforts I put into my marketing strategies are successful. I don’t have the time for trial and error experimenting, it has to be right the first time. My experiences with Dean Mercado and Online Marketing Muscle, and the organization and management he’s put into my marketing campaigns, have been nothing short of phenomenal. Dean takes the time not only to implement great marketing solutions, but also to educate his clients on the strategies behind them. My company has been working with Dean since March of 2009, and he’s been a key player in our ability to grow and to achieve the success we’ve been so fortunate to have.
Teresa Ward
Teresa’s Family Cleaning

Joseph Cuomo TestimonialIncredible coaching from Dean! My firm, Lighthouse Advisory Services, engaged Dean to assist us with our marketing efforts back in early 2010. Dean proved to be an unbelievable resource for us getting started with our new business platform. He has an infectious energy that drives you to get up and make things happen. Dean took a personal interest in us and truly cares about the overall success of his clients. He helped our team come up with the right marketing plan to fit our goals and our target market. Dean has extreme knowledge on social media, internet, direct mail, etc. and learned about our business and industry to better help us succeed. His coaching style got our brains moving and thinking with innovation, always looking for new ways to network and attract the right audience to our website and our company. I cannot say enough about Dean and his services – he is a great person who knows how to extract the best from his clients.
Joseph Cuomo
Lighthouse Advisory Services

Bill Baylis TestimonialWe teamed up with Dean in early 2010; his impact has sparked our company immediately. He was able to quickly understand our needs then taught us how make better use of our time and resources to obtain new clients. What makes him an exceptional business coach is his ability to share and instill his wide range of social media and business knowledge into our everyday operations.
Bill Baylis
Medical Account Solutions

Paul M DePalo TestimonialDean has been a Rock Solid throughout our time together. His ability to stay focused and keep me focused has been paramount in my success. My business life has been changed forever. Dean has the ability to radiate positive possibilities. With great knowledge and understanding he has helped me see a much brighter picture and with laser beam focus we will reach our full potential. Thank you Dean and Andrea for all of your passion and dedication!
Paul M DePalo
Crown Craftsmen Carpentry

Sandra Radna TestimonialDean is enthusiastic about what he does and tailors his plan to the individual with whom he is working. He’s given me great advice about networking and has worked on my website to help my business get noticed on the internet. I highly recommend Dean to anyone who wishes to work towards making their company a household name.
Sandra Radna
The Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C.

Brian J. White, CRPC® TestimonialI recently completed the Social Media Mastermind program and it was great. Dean’s knowledge on how to use the internet and social media to help create traffic to your website and create a web presence is amazing. I recommend anyone who is looking to use the internet to help their business grow talk to Dean.
Brian J. White, CRPC®
Advanced Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial

Steven Free TestimonialDean is an awesome motivator and a great business coach… I highly recommend him… he is the man with the plan.  He will help you work on your business and grow $$$$$!
Steven Free
The Bug Stops Here

Bennet Gold TestimonialDean’s Social Media Mastermind seminars are very insightful. He definitely raised my awareness as to how to get my business recognized on the internet. I would highly recommend taking his Mastermind program.
Bennet Gold
Gold Design & Graphics

Stephanie Ethe TestimonialI highly recommend Dean. Working with Dean has helped me to increase my presence on the internet and he has helped me to move my business into a new level. He has high integrity, is very personable, and has outstanding knowledge of internet marketing and how to get the best results for different industries. He also has unbelievable energy that is addictive.
Stephanie Ethe
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

Jean Summit-Riker TestimonialWorking with Dean has given me a whole new way of approaching my business. His skill and knowledge of online marketing, web site design and business development shifts your business into high gear. Dean’s creative and innovative strategy systems help you become a “Rock Star” in your field. If you want to see your business go fromordinary to extraordinary, call Dean and let him show you how!
Jean Summit-Riker
Tranquility Based Life Coaching

David Badanes TestimonialI have hired Dean as my marketing coach. He possess a great deal of knowledge concerning marketing. He truly is an expert in his field. He is also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dean as a marketing coach.
David Badanes
Badanes Law Office

Barbara Herd TestimonialI had the good fortune of working with Dean recently, and felt he did a lot to help me move forward with my business. He had many great suggestions, creative ideas, and always a very upbeat and positive outlook, which helped me to do the same. He gives his full attention to his clients and spends our time together wisely, making sure to cover all that he had planned and help ensure we are getting good value from him – which we do! I have recommended him to several of my colleagues and would do so without question to anyone in need of good business counsel, marketing expertise and a serious boost to their business. THANK YOU, Dean!
Barbara Herd
The Good Life

MaryPat Grafstein TestimonialDean is an excellent role model for the students at Smithtown High School. His guest presentations to our Business and Marketing classes keep our students actively engaged in the learning process. We look forward to working closely with Dean in the upcoming year as he mentors our future business leaders!
Mary Pat Grafstein
Executive Director Smithtown Industry Advisory Board Smithtown, NY School District

Craig Andreoli, Esq. TestimonialHaving just started my own law practice, I had the normal concerns about chances for success and whether I could get people to use my services. I hired Dean seeking some strategies to promote my business, but quite honestly, I had no real expectations he could help. Well, it turns out that Dean is worth EVERY penny I paid… and more. He structured my marketing approach, put systems in place that work and is an exceptional motivator. I look forward to our weekly meetings and continue to be amazed by his creative ideas. I now have a totally positive outlook as to where my business can go and I’m shooting for the stars. My wife even commented the other day that she sees a confidence in me that was not present before. If you have a business dream, hire Dean, and he’ll help turn that dream into a reality.
Craig Andreoli, Esq.
Law Office of Craig A. Andreoli, P.C.

Peter Reiss TestimonialIn my years in business I’ve worked with many coaches and teachers and taken countless training and motivational classes. I learned some from some, and little from others and began to think of myself as un-coachable. I’ve been working with Dean for the last few months and boy has he proved me wrong. For the first time I feel confident that I’m moving with a plan rather than with hope and my public presence and profit is growing as a direct result. I tell everyone I meet about my fabulous business and marketing guide – Dean Mercado (and will, of course keep telling them).
Peter Reiss
Feng Shui by Peter Reiss

Jaime Savarese TestimonialPrior to hiring Dean for weekly marketing coaching sessions, my massage therapy career was extremely slow. I was surprised to see results so quickly; after only a few meetings my clientele tripled! With the marketing techniques I learned from Dean I am now in the position to hire a team and grow my business. If you want to increase your business, I greatly recommend hiring Dean.
Jaime Savarese
Long Island Sports Massage

Frank Renna TestimonialDean is a true go getter. His experience in the marketing field is second to none. Dean has helped me open my eyes within my business and industry. He has shown me ways to market my business with a twist by thinking outside the box instead of the “normal” way to do business. Straight and too the point about the best way to market your business and get the most out of your time, effort, and money. If you are looking for a way to increase your business and get the word out to your customers, Dean is the man to talk to.

Frank Renna

Mark V. Bullock TestimonialDean is a brilliant marketing coach & consultant. He’s also one of the greatest guys in the world to have on your success team.
Mark V. Bullock
Partner / Advisor at Practice Marketing Advisors

Myron Grudzien TestimonialYou may have already heard or read those inspirational and thought provoking words from renowned motivational speakers. With Dean you can learn to live them and start enhancing your business or professional career.
Myron Grudzien, M.S.E.E.

Kevin Godberson TestimonialDean and his team from Online Marketing Muscle have contributed a great deal in helping my company stay above water in the hardest of times. They know the right tools to use to keep your company in front of all competitors. My company and I have completely changed for the better and have raised sales by 40% thanks to Dean and his company.
Kevin Godberson
Godberson Landscaping

Dr. Gregg Baron TestimonialDean spends his time tackling mountains of knowledge and experience in the areas of coaching, marketing and leadership. His understanding of the geographics, demographics and psychographics of target marketing is unparalleled. Dean has and will continue to be a tremendous asset to our organization.
Dr. Gregg Baron
D.R.E.A.M. Wellness

John A. Hill TestimonialDean brings an in-depth knowledge and experience that rubs off on anyone that is within hearing of his words. His quick understanding of the situation and his approach to resolving a marketing problem is always timely, creative and cost effective. I have recommended, and continue to recommend Dean to my clients and prospects that could benefit from his marketing acumen.
John A. Hill
John A. Hill & Associates

Todd Weiss TestimonialI hired Dean last year to help my company formulate an effective online marketing strategy. This was one of the best decisions my company has made. We now have an effective website, blog and social media strategy. If you need assistance with your companies on-line presence, Dean is the right person to talk to.
Todd Weiss
Franchise & Business Consulting at Sunshine Consulting

Devadatta Best TestimonialDean is a true marketing genius. Executing only 20% of his massive knowledge of the new cutting edge marketing world would be highly profitable. Dean is a mensch with immense enthusiasm, infectious passion for the latest and the best marketing developments and tremendous patience to guide one through a plethora of incredible options while being steady, very committed and always filled with laughter and compassion. A genuine gem.
Devadatta Best
Light Inspired Art

Ed Eisenstein TestimonialIt was a pleasure working with Dean on the review on the enhancement of our web site. The report was valid and brought out important information on how to proceed. Dean holds my great respect and recommend his service to market and review Internet Marketing initiatives.
Ed Eisenstein
United Network Associates

Thomas J. Hoffman TestimonialAside from having a clear understanding of Internet marketing and website mechanics, Dean brings a creativity and enthusiasm to every project that is contagious. I highly recommend his services.
Thomas J. Hoffman
Thom Hoffman Video Arts

Darren Andreoli TestimonialAlthough we have enjoyed success in the past, my partner and I thought that our luxury home building business had hit a ceiling. Due to current market conditions, we could no longer afford to be passive in our attempt to generate new business. After working with Dean and his Online Marketing Muscle System, we are now, first and foremost, a marketing driven company. Dean’s coaching and comprehensive knowledge of the latest web based marketing tools are propelling our business to new heights! I would recommend Dean to anyone serious about growing his or her business.
Darren Andreoli
Bluewater Home Builders