Bill Baylis and Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle discuss the benefits of connecting on LinkedIn. Do you connect?
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15 thoughts on “To Connect or Not Connect on LinkedIn… That Is The Question!”

  1. I am connected with Linkedin. But haven’t really had the time to dive into and learn the ins and outs. I should really make time for it.

  2. I’ve had LinkedIn forever, but never really did much with it. I created a new one for my blog, and I still haven’t spent much time on it. I’d like to work on my profile, it’s just hard to fit it into the schedule.

  3. I get requests all of the time, but since I quite working to be home w/the little one a few years back, I haven’t opened an account. Once I am headed back to work, I just might. 🙂 Thx for the info.

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