Top 3 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2011

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“Wisdom is understanding not only what to overlook, but what not to!”

What a year!  2011 certainly yielded a big stick!  After 4 years of a depressed economy, we saw many businesses, big and small, either get tossed for a loop or knocked out of the game completely.  Rest assured, just like how nature always has a way of getting things back in balance… so does business.  And for those of us who withstood the thrashings of 2011, I do believe this means increased opportunity in the years ahead!

For Online Marketing Muscle and me… 2011 was chock full of considerable wins and significant lessons… some lessons were awesome… and others will sting for a while!  What follows is my top 3… my hope is that you pull some value out of them as well.  Here goes:

Lesson #1 – I Was Looking For ‘Lessons’ In All The Wrong Places!

Make 2012 ROCK... Get Your Year in Gear!I’d have to say that my most significant a-ha lesson this past year was gaining clarity that lessons do not only come from negative experiences, they come from positive ones as well!  As a matter of fact, my most impactful lessons of 2011 came from… you guessed it, positive experiences.  And as I focused on the lessons showing up for me from those experiences, more positive lessons appeared.  How’s that for the Law of Attraction?!

Case in point… I always wanted to write a business book as I felt I have a ton to share, however for some reason it eluded me.  In 2011, I got serious about it and formed a joint venture with a mastermind partner of mine, Barry Laub to co-author what we feel is something unprecedented in a business book… a book neither of us could produce alone.  Best part about it though, the writing process has simply been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had professionally!  The lessons that show up every single time we chat are simply unbelievable!

So here, the positive experience of the mastermind process led to positive experience of a joint venture to co-author a book which in turn has led to an insurmountable number of positive lessons and experiences… how cool is that!  Thank goodness I paid attention to the lessons learned from positive experiences!

By the way, we expect the book to be in print during the 1st quarter of 2012… stay tuned!

Lesson #2 – In Marketing, Less Is More, So Choose and Engage!

I cut out a significant amount of fruitless networking and redeployed the time saved to other marketing initiatives that made more sense… ones that were producing more value… looking back many months later, smart move!  Additionally this freed up time to engage more deeply in networking that showed the most promise… case in point Twitter.

I dabbled on Twitter for years but never really ‘engaged’.  Hence, my results reflected my investment appropriately.  Then once I decided to play full out, I saw enormous possibility.  I met amazing entrepreneurs, brilliant marketers and lots of prospects!  The key on Twitter was to engage regularly, get involved in organized Twitter chats and look to really add value and connect with people!

Lesson #3 – Strategic Hits!

Simply put, strategic, timely, and targeted hits are what drive in the runs and ultimately, win games!

For example, one big speaking gig in front of the right audience at the right time had outshined dozens I did front of the wrong ones.  This ties into the whole busyness versus business concept.   Busyness is not better!  Busyness does not equal business!  Busyness is a distraction!  Putting more effort into the pre-gig, the gig itself, and post-gig efforts of this one specific speaking gig has paid, and will continue to pay off in spades.  Why?  Going deep with this one marketing initiative as explained in the previous lesson learned.

So in closing, Online Marketing Muscle and I both grew a lot in 2011.  That growth would not have been possible if we had neglected to harvest the many lessons available to us.  Lessons that arose both through negative and positive experiences.  I for one am truly grateful for these lessons as I firmly believe they open doorways to an even brighter future!

Any of these lessons resonate with you?  Any lessons you’d like to share in return?  I’d love to hear from you!

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