Can Your Website Pass the Triple “I” Test?

Here’s a website test to find out if your site stacks up!

Let’s just assume for a moment that you’re able to convince your target market to stop by your website.

Would they find it cozy and inviting… cozy and inviting enough to want to stay for a moment? Would they find it valuable… valuable enough to stick around… valuable enough to take your desired action… valuable enough to come back periodically for more?

These are all very important questions that anyone who has a website that expects any kind of positive result needs to regularly think about and continuously ensure. That’s why I put together a simple system that I call the “Triple-I” test to assist website owners in giving their website a regular “check-up” so to speak. Let’s begin…

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The 1st "I"… Inviting

It starts with the basics. First off, your website needs to be welcoming and approachable. How? It needs to be clean, neat and organized. Ace the website clutter. It also needs to be easy for your target market to find their way around to get what they want. Does it use an inviting color palette that sits well with your target market?  If it loads quickly and use a comfortable combination of text, imagery, and multimedia that is awesome. And most importantly, it has to be consistent in look and feel with your overall brand.

Now this might seem like a lot of ducks to have in a row however, your website visitor passes judgment on you in a split second. If they feel comfortable, they’ll stay a moment. If they’re not comfortable… gone! They’re gone as quickly as they can click their mouse.

The 2nd "I"… Interesting

If your target market is comfortable enough to stay beyond that first split-second, you’ve got a matter of about 3 to 7 seconds to grab their interest.


An attention-grabbing headline would be a great start. And now that you’ve piqued their interest, you have to give them reason to stick around.


Stretch their comfort zone. Make your website experiential. Make it interactive. Create a sense of community. Tap into multiple senses by using multimedia such as audio and video. Use your website to educate. Use it to position yourself the way you want to be seen by your target market. The key components here are to establish credibility and value.

And lastly the 3rd "I"… Initiative

Bottom line… your website must cause your target market to do something. It must be able to capitalize on that comfort zone you’ve established. It must get them into the habit of doing the things you ask them to do. How? Tell them what action you want to take. Make it a simple, non-threatening action such as signing up for your complimentary electronic newsletter. Be specific though, don’t leave it to chance. Just make sure you under-promise and over-deliver this way they feel good about the experience they are having with you and will look to deepen their relationship with you.

So in closing

Please note that you really want to get some outside, unbiased, honest feedback to really know how your website stacks up. Yes, some solid website statistics such as conversion ratios would be effective here also. However, be conscious of the softer-side of proof… the more intangible stuff that tends to play on the emotions of your target market. This in my opinion is where the real power of effectiveness lies.

So… does your current website pass muster? Be honest now. The only person you would be fooling is yourself. If it did pass muster, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back… you deserve it. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel though. Keep on doing what you’re doing and more.

Now if it didn’t pass muster or you’re just not sure, get some help. If you’re serious about your business, do yourself a favor and empower your website to get you the results you need to succeed.

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7 thoughts on “Can Your Website Pass the Triple “I” Test?”

  1. I think that my site hits the different things that he mentions, but now I want to ask some others what they think. I’m a little nervous if it is inviting enough!

  2. I spend a lot of time trying to make sure my blog doesn’t look cluttered. These are great tips to start off our week! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I love his advice because it all makes perfect sense. I’m going to work with my designer to see about some changes on my own site!

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