wake up your sleeping target market

How To Wake Up Your Sleeping Target Market

Have your sales started slowing down? In this video, marketing strategist Dean Mercado discusses how to wake up your sleeping target market and recapture their attention!

Today I’m going to answer a question that I’ve been receiving a lot lately.  And that question is straightforward, “Dean! Help! My target market is asleep! So what do I do?”

It’s incredible, especially at specific points in the year; you’re going to see this happen time and time again. So it can happen because of the time of year. It could also happen because of something you don’t want to hear.  Maybe your marketing is boring!

That’s entirely possible that’s what is going on.

Wake Up Your Sleeping Target Market

So let’s talk about this for a second.  All of a sudden it seems like your target market is not paying attention.  Well it’s our responsibility as marketers, and yes, I look at us as all being marketers. It’s our responsibility to wake them up. 

Wake them up! Shake them a little bit! Jolt them a little bit! Find a way to get their attention.

It is possible, just trust me.  It is possible to get their attention.

Now what can you do to get their attention? Number one, you gotta break it up, break up the monotony.

 So if you’re marketing a certain way with a certain frequency all the time and it’s becoming monotonous, it’s becoming more of the same. You have your newsletter going out at the same time and that’s about it.  That after a while puts people to sleep. It lulls them to sleep, it puts them to sleep and you’ll see after a while they stop opening your emails, they stop reading your newsletter. So what else can you do?

What else are you willing to do?  That’s really the big key question.

Know though that you need to jolt them somehow whether it’s some sort of special offer, whether it’s some sort of a change in media, meaning your delivery mechanism, your delivery medium for your marketing. So if you’re just used to doing an email, email, email.

Maybe try something as an offline approach to direct response marketing.  Maybe you go with a postcard or a direct mail piece or maybe a phone call. You gotta change up the game a little bit. In other words, you gotta break the patterns. Catch what I’m saying here. You gotta break the patterns.

So if you see your target market getting lulled into a sleep and you’re seeing less and less responsiveness, know that it’s time to change things up. And that means the mediums or the media that you’re using to share your message as well as the messages themselves.

Try on some different headlines, more punchy, catchy headlines to whatever marketing you’re putting out there. Change those up, see if anything is getting a little bit more of a response.  Change up the frequency. That can help as well. So if they’re seeing it’s there every Monday you get something from so and so, maybe you need to change that up.

So again, it’s our responsibility as marketers to wake them up.  Jolt them somehow. Find some way to change the pattern so that they don’t get lulled into that sleep.

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