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It [the website] is fantastic!!! I am so thrilled with it! Thank you for all of your expertise and knowledge about the content and appearance. I know that I would never have been happier going anywhere else!Misty Schulze, Owner – Misty Clean, Inc.
Think about it… although it is difficult to get an exact count of the number of websites on the Internet today, an average count based on the most reputable sources says there are over 510 million ‘live’ websites… 510 million sites all competing for attention!

That being said… plus the fact that the first place people look these days when they are looking for what you do is the Internet… website design is not the place you ought to skimp.  As a matter of fact, we always say that your website should serve as your #1 sales person.  And why not… it operates 24/7 and should have the benefit of you providing the best marketing and sales expertise you can muster up.

Beware The 1-Dimensional Web Designer!

5 Tool Website Design Services by Online Marketing MuscleThey’re out there!  Many times web design firms are good or even great at 1 thing and 1 thing only. For example, the pretty website that cannot be found on the search engines… or the custom website that has great clean programming code under the hood but is flat out ugly.

Or maybe the website design services company is even great at 2 things… for example the pretty website with great programming under the hood that still can’t be found on the search engines… While some may see this as OK, with the competition on the web being as fierce as it is today, it may not be enough… and in most cases, it’s not.

We’ve found that in order for a website to not only compete effectively but dominate online today, it really needs to be great in 5 core areas… graphic design, programming, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing…. we call this “5-Tool Web Design”.  Let’s briefly explore each.

5-Tool Web Design Services


Graphic Design

Once a visitor arrives at your website, you’ve literally only got a matter of seconds to grab their attention… a pretty face will do that.  Yes it is critically important that your website design is attractive enough in the eyes of your visitor… therefore knowing your target market well in terms of what may resonate visually with them will certainly help.

Graphic design deals with the look and feel of your website.  This includes considerations such as color scheme, page layouts, navigation, images, font styles, and much, much more.



It does not matter how sophisticated the web design software is. You need to know proper programming etiquette and technique. It simply affects too many critically important aspects of your site. For example, how fast it loads, its search engine friendliness, seamless operation without errors, ease of maintenance going forward, and much, much more.



You’ve captured their gaze with your stellar graphic design. Now its your website copy that truly draws your visitors in to stay.  It starts with carefully crafted headlines and subheadlines. Then continues with compelling copy that touches, moves, and inspires your visitor to take your predetermined and desired call to action.

Great copy finds that balance between writing for the visitor as well as the search engines… we prefer a slant toward writing for the visitor.  It is our opinion that most websites do not offer compelling copy… one of the biggest reasons that so many underachieve.


Search Engine Optimization

No matter what, because of the fierce competition online, your website simply must be search engine friendly. Otherwise, it doesn’t stand a chance at succeeding.  No matter how pretty it is, how compelling its copy, or streamlined its program code is, it should be created with the search engines in mind from the ground up.

Trust us, you do not want to be that beautiful house in the middle of the woods with no roads or maps directing traffic to it… that’s a recipe for frustration.  We build initial Search Engine Optimization into every website we design.



Marketing is typically the most important and overlooked piece to the website puzzle.  The marketing looks at the vision and purpose of the website and determines what all the other pieces of the puzzle need to do to make the website and your business successful.

At Online Marketing Muscle, we bring all 5-tools into every website we build!

Website Design Services FAQ

A typical website takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the time we receive all information and content you want included (e.g. your logo and other images, contact information, specific copy you want included for certain pages, etc.).
While we do not provide hosting services, we will gladly recommend a 3rd-party hosting service… the one we use and put most of our clients on. Although you will be responsible for paying hosting fees (typically less than $10 a month), we will take care of opening and setting up the account on your behalf.
Certainly we do! Additional agreements and fees will apply

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