Website Is Not Cutting It

3 Clear Signs That Your Website Is Not Cutting It

How can you tell if yours is one of the many failing websites on the Internet? In this video, website experts Dean Mercado and Bill Baylis of Online Marketing Muscle discuss how to identify if it’s time for a new website! Here are three clear signs that your website is not cutting it!

We look at websites all day long and get asked, “what do you think of my website?” and folks, it’s like a baby. Everyone is so proud of that website, and the sad fact is that most of these websites are horrible, and they are just not cutting it!  And chances are, I hate it to say, your website could be guilty of being one of those!

Often, people end up developing their website for whatever reason, and they’re proud of it.

1. You Have A Stagnant Website!

The first clear sign is straightforward. If your website has not been updated in over a year, that’s a clear sign that it will not do its job. Think about that, when was the last time you got in there and changed things up?

I want you to envision yourself being at a dinner party with the same group of friends every month or every week, and the same conversation is happening every time as if they are reading from a script.  After a few times visiting that dinner party, you will say to yourself, why do I need to bother going back there. I know the script already. It would help if you told me something new. Interest and engage me!  Make me feel like there is a reason for me to be here. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day, the same thing every day repeatedly. If your website hasn’t changed, the chances are that it will not do what you need it to.

2. Your Website Lacks Engagement!

The second big thing that I want to clarify is if your site lacks engagement.  What does engagement mean? It means no one is interacting with you. No one is commenting on your blog.  There’s no engagement or back and forth. It’s like when you go on social media, and there’s engagement. You post things, and people comment on them.  If you’re not starting to get that going on your website, or flat out, if your website doesn’t even have a blog, it’s probably not set up for proper engagement.  It would be best if you found ways to draw your audience in.

We educate people and tell them how to take the next steps with us—giving people a comfort level. The key is to keep people engaged and involved; otherwise, they will move on to the next person or website.  People are looking for that “edutainment” (education plus entertainment) value.

3. Your Phone Does Not Ring!

The third significant point is the bottom line.  Is your phone ringing? If your website is not acting as your best salesperson or representing you and it’s not engaging your audience as you would want.

Maybe it’s time you need or new site. Or maybe you need to go to your web guy or girl and say it’s time to freshen things up. It’s a time to be honest with yourself about your site.

So are you seeing any signs that your website is not cutting it?

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18 thoughts on “3 Clear Signs That Your Website Is Not Cutting It”

  1. Avatar of Janeane Davis

    It is important for us to realize when what we do online is accomplishing our intended purpose and when it does not. We have to stay on top of how our messages are being received.

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