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The ABC’s of a Website that Sells!

Does your website do a masterful job at selling your products, and/or services? How about at just selling you? This post provides some ‘back to the basics’ tips… the ABC’s of creating a website that sells!

"A" of the ABC's is For "attract"

We need to make sure that we’re attracting the right target market, our ideal prospect to us. This way we don’t waste their time, we don’t waste our time.

SEO is a great way to use your website and to enhance your website in a way that will help it attract more toward it.

Then we’ve got "B" For "bond"

Once we get them here, once we attract them in, we need to bond with our audience, we need to connect with them on a deeper level. We need to connect with them on three different main levels that I like to think of anyway.

  1. Auditorily
  2. Visually
  3. Kinesthetically

These just happen to be the three different learning styles that people have. If we’re able to bond with them in that fashion and help them feel and understand that we’re the right choice. We’re putting our arm around them, we’re the right choice. When they’re looking for what we do, they have a connection with us, they feel bonded with us. So that’s you’re A and your B.

And Lastly We Have "C" For "Convert"

We need to “convert” them. We need to convert them to take a step with us, to do something, to adhere to whatever call to action we put on our website. I’m a big fan of call to action. Every website, every web page should have some sort of a call to action. Tell me what you want me to do when I’m there.

I like to say, our audience, we’re not that smart. We’re not that smart. As an audience, we’re not that smart. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, “Hey, Mr. Website Visitor, do this next.” Then when they do that, give them another little piece of, “Do this next.”

So the ABC’s, we got attract, bond, and then convert.

So is your website taking care of its ABC’s? If so, I’d like to know.

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