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Social Signals: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

The lines between social media and SEO continue to blur for businesses… all struggling to gain leverage on their competition. In this video, Internet marketing strategist Dean Mercado discusses the concept of “Social Signals” and its importance to businesses going forward.

Over the past year or year plus we’ve seen a lot of morphing going on in between the search engine optimization world and the social media world.  What we are seeing is those two areas starting to morph together where the lines are blurring in terms of where social media starts and where it ends.  Social signals, which I’ll explain in a minute, are really beginning to influence search engine results.

So all those thoughts about am I wasting my time on Facebook or am I wasting my time on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.  All these things are playing into where you rank in the search engines to some degree or another. So the idea is yes, you do want to play on social media.  It will be very unfortunate for those who don’t play there. Especially if you are in an industry that is very highly competitive online. And that’s pretty much any industry these days.  Your competitors may be playing a bigger better game on social media than you are. The key is having a strategy. Making sure that your social media and search engine optimization strategy are defined, specific and monitored, diligently executed.  Have a plan on how you are going to go about this.

What are social signals?  Social signals are simply in a nutshell any time someone clicks “like” on Facebook, clicks “+1” on GooglePlus, shares your blog post on LinkedIn or retweets a tweet of yours on Twitter.  All of these are social triggers. And what is starting to happen is that Google is starting to accumulate a lot of this information. They are using it to gauge whether or not your site should rank higher or lower. Google is not specifically coming out and being completely forthright on how this is happening or to what degree, but we do see it happening, and by we I mean Online Marketing Muscle and other experts in the industry. So it’s not a matter of should you play there. Yes, you should, absolutely you need to factor this in, but again being very strategic with it.

When you think about your blog post you should have a little area on the side for sharing which gives people the ability to share the blog post.  All of that plays in, especially on bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon. If your blog post is being stumbled out there on Stumbleupon it’s fabulous for you. Same with Pinterest.  If people are sharing your pins on Pinterest, fabulous for you!

Start thinking about your social media and your SEO strategy in that way. How can you strategically get more people to start clicking like, sharing your stuff, so on and so forth because it will and is having an impact on you whether you like it or not.


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11 thoughts on “Social Signals: What Are They and Why Should You Care?”

  1. Dean…this reinforces so well what you’ve been teaching. With your help we have identified that one of our strengths is quality writing … by blogging, even in installments, we can Tweet and multiply our efforts.

  2. I will have to come back and spend more time on your site! I know I have a ton to learn 🙂

    1. Amanda… Thanks for noticing how much info we share about marketing, websites and more! Thanks for commenting!

    1. Anne

      Thanks for visiting our blog… I might encourage you to bump up social signals to the top of that list! Good Luck!

  3. I can’t beleive there are still some people who need convincing at this point. I agree fully with almost everything you said here. SEO is always something we can benefit from learning more about. That’s a good tip.

    1. Paula

      You are right on… some people are still on open to social media marketing… How do they get their business anyway? Thanks for commenting!

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