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The Best All-In-One Solution for Small Business: What Is Keap?

The marketing automation industry is surging, and it isn’t projected to slow down soon. With 91% of businesses with ten or more employees already boosting productivity with a CRM, more solutions will emerge for small businesses.

If your business isn’t taking advantage of sales and marketing automation yet, staying competitive will soon depend on it.

It can sound nerve-wracking when you’re pushed to take on new technology. But automation isn’t a hurdle or a headache — it’s an opportunity. One of the most intriguing opportunities for small businesses is Keap. But, what is Keap?

On its face, Keap is a customer relationship management platform, keeping all your contacts in order and making follow-up easier. But when you start exploring the thoughtful details that tie everything together, you realize how much of a solution Keap is for both your business’s daily processes and the frustrations from other CRMs.

Keap is a pure small business engine that will speed up growth and allow you to focus on those parts of your business that engage your passion. This article will explore some of the different functions and design features that make Keap so effective at building brands.

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    What Is Keap?

    Keap is a cloud-based CRM and automation platform, a robust design that can manage customers throughout the entire life cycle. It has versatility for all types of B2C and B2B organizations in a scalable structure, giving you room to manage the growth that comes with Keap’s implementation.

    Pegging Keap as a CRM doesn’t reflect its full range of motion. Keap is virtual assistance for the do-it-all entrepreneur trying to build a team and a following. It handles every point of contact with potential customers, from the lead generation stage to fulfillment.

    The system covers countless sales and marketing functions. In many cases, you can forget about integrations. Instead, Keap gives you a single space to create campaigns and workflows that can run your business’s tedious and time-consuming parts.

    Depending on how you look at it, the one possible downside is that Keap is specifically for small businesses. As a result, you get a rare blend of usability and functional depth, and the system does make some assumptions about how you manage your sales and marketing. But although the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” model might not work for enterprise organizations, it’s ideal for business leaders seeking fast and consistent results.

    What is Keap? An Easy Sales and Marketing Automation Software + CRM

    What Can You Do With Keap?

    Keap allows you to set rules, workflows, and communications for leads as they enter your database and turn into customers. You can set steps to contact leads with responsive and personalized messaging when you make campaigns.

    As they enter your pipeline, you can organize your prospects, watching them move across stages and initiating key tasks as soon as they progress. Again, it’s centered on driving customers through the sales funnel with care and efficiency.

    The automation of Keap helps you get back to providing better products and services and taking time for interpersonal work with customers. But, more importantly, its predictability, reliability, and measurement devices give you the framework for powerful systems.

    One of our main areas of focus at Online Marketing Muscle is helping clients create systems for planning and accomplishing goals. With Keap’s streamlined customer management platform and advanced analytics, you get dependable insight into running your business. When you can visualize the customer experience, identify bottlenecks, and capture effective strategies, you spend less time testing and more time moving forward.

    Capture Leads

    The customer journey starts when they find you and interact with you. Keap is with you from step one, giving you a drag-and-drop builder for creating landing pages and forms to use across the web and on social media. You can choose from an endless number of templates or create your own custom designs.

    As you scale, your lead volume may make it hard to research every lead to see who is likely to buy and who would be a bad fit for your products. In upgraded versions of Keap, you can use lead scoring rules to organize leads worth pursuing and leads that should be put in a nurture campaign.

    Lead capture, email marketing and appointment scheduling via Keap
    Lead capture, email marketing and appointment scheduling via Keap

    Appointment Scheduling

    Scheduling appointments can cost a lot of time if you manage it for several customers. Rather than engage in a back-and-forth to schedule meetings, you can automate your calendar through Keap.

    When a customer receives a marketing email, you can attach a link to have them schedule an appointment. You can set numerous appointment types, and you can define rules for each one. It integrates with a single calendar, so you never overbook or get blindsided by an unexpected meeting.

    Email Marketing

    Once leads give you their contact information, they enter your database. That puts the lead into segmented lists based on rules you set, so they enter campaigns geared toward them. For example, you can set up email sequences that resonate with them depending on how they answered questions on a form or which lead magnet they clicked on.

    Emails are all about driving users to action, but their journeys are often different. For example, some customers will buy or sign up with just one email, while others need reminders and follow-ups.

    Rather than juggle all the different messages, you can link personalized templates to specific user actions. Email sequences will go out automatically, so you can still be attentive without spending hours responding to people.

    How Small Businesses Use Keap’s Email Marketing

    Pipeline Management

    Pipeline management is the foundation of any CRM, and the simple-to-understand visual layout of the Keap CRM makes it easy to move leads from prospect to close. Each stage of your custom pipeline shows how many customers are in it and the value of the deals.

    As customers make decisions, all you have to do is drag and drop them from one stage to another. You also start automatic tasks like sending contracts or marketing messages when you do so.

    Sales Pipeline Management in Keap
    Sales Pipeline Management in Keap

    Sales, Invoicing, and Payments

    Keap is comprehensive. Many CRMs stop at the pipeline, but Keap goes further to handle your closed deals. You can set up customizable checkout forms, automate invoicing, and take payments. Reminders, recurring billing, and other actions all take place based on the rules you have in place.

    Selling Online Using Keap
    Selling Online Using Keap

    Why Is Keap Right For Me?

    The drag-and-drop campaign builder makes several months’ worth of marketing effort a snap. You can create visuals, emails messages, and more, allowing you to capture leads more effectively and in higher volumes.

    The campaign builder by itself is all the reason you need to give Keap software a try. Still, for a small business owner trying to make their life easy, there’s even more about Keap’s mindful design worth mentioning.

    Desktop and Mobile Interfaces

    A busy owner or team member isn’t always in front of their computer, and with the Keap app, they don’t need to be. You can get tons of functionality on your mobile device through the Keap app. More importantly, you’ll integrate your phone functions into the Keap platform.

    Keap gives you a free business line that you can operate from your personal device. You can use many of your scheduling and lead nurturing tools through SMS. All of the automation you love out of an email can be added to a text.

    Keap Dashboard
    Keap Pro Dashboard on a Desktop

    Robust Integrations

    We said you could forget about integrations earlier because Keap marries many of the functions you get from the best automation software in a single platform.

    Of course, you may already have systems elsewhere, and Keap is aware of that. There are tons of solutions that you can integrate with Keap in a few clicks. And since they offer an open API, developers can add nearly any program to work alongside Keap.

    Sample of Possible Integrations with Keap CRM
    Sample of the many possible integrations you can do with Keap

    Keap Scalability

    There are three tiers to Keap pricing — Lite, Professional, and Max. The Lite plan starts at $79/month, and functionality increases as you move up the product line.

    The point of the structure, which includes a free trial, is to give business owners a cost-effective ladder to climb. Then, as your business gets better leads and takes on more customers, you can add the functions that best support you and your team members.


    The best systems offer insight, and Keap delivers that in droves. As soon as leads enter the database, it tracks engagement, clicks, signups, etc. You get visualizations of pipeline movement to find problems and insight into your marketing effectiveness.

    With all of Keap’s reporting, you can test and fine-tune your lead generators, website design, email campaigns, and sales processes. As a result, you’ll be more efficient at converting customers and spend even less time fueling success.

    Reclaim Your Time With Keap

    What is Keap? It’s the end of missed opportunities and the beginning of efficiency and development. Keap makes business easier to manage as you grow, and once you get started, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

    If you’re ready to take advantage of all that Keap has to offer, our team at Online Marketing Muscle is here to help you get the most from your investment. We take the full potential of Keap’s exhaustive feature set and make it easy to use, so you can start growing profits and enhancing the customer experience from day one.

    Contact us today to push your business to new heights with Keap’s sales automation.

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