Why Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing? The 7 Benefits of a Great Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2018, it only makes sense to start taking digital marketing more seriously.

Why digital marketing?

Take a quick look around you and you’ll see that our society is becoming increasingly digital, with more and more consumers purchasing products online.

Digital marketing will help to increase your brand awareness and promote your company to your audience so that you can draw more of these consumers.

Here’s a rundown of seven benefits of having a great digital marketing strategy.

Let’s dig in!

❶ Why Digital Marketing? It Can Mean a Stronger Bottom Line for You

Of all of the forms of marketing that exist today, the digital form carries the most power.

Digital marketing has helped a multitude of businesses to reach their unique target markets and eventually influence conversions. The development of effective strategies and their proper implementation can easily help small businesses to become more recognized and generate more profits in only a few months’ time.

❷ Measurability

With digital marketing, you never have to wonder whether your marketing efforts are working. That’s because online marketing is highly measurable.

Tracking the effectiveness of traditional marketing campaigns, such as those involving mailers or radio ads, can be challenging.

With old-school marketing tactics, you might have to wait a few weeks or months to figure out which marketing strategies are effective. But with online marketing analytics, you can measure your campaign in real time to see which tactic is working versus those that aren’t.

Based on what you learn, you can then adjust your campaign to achieve more success. In fact, you can keep in mind the insights gained through analytics to improve your future campaigns.

Let’s say your goal is to put together a social media campaign to market your new product, for example. You publish several posts for two weeks and then review the analytics to see how they fared.

Thanks to the analytics, it’s clear which posts drew the most social media users and which led to the greatest number of conversions. Then, you can use this information to try reproducing this success in the future.

Digital marketing ultimately helps you to decrease unnecessary expenses by focusing your marketing efforts only on those strategies that will most likely boost the return on your investment.

❸ Online Demand

You no doubt rely on search engines to uncover information quite frequently. So do your customers.

That’s why it’s critical that your business has a strong presence online. And that’s where digital marketing comes in.

Research shows that the majority of digital experiences begin with search engines. Before consumers make purchases, they turn to the likes of Google to find out what products or services they need and to get answers to all of their burning questions.

Smart business owners take advantage of this by presenting helpful information about their products or services for their prospective customers online.

By generating engaging and relevant content that is optimized for today’s search engines, they can boost their online visibility and connect with consumers when this matters the most.

❹ Reaching Social Media Users

In addition to turning to Google, your prospective customers are spending increasing amounts of time on social media.

The great thing about a solid online marketing strategy is that it’ll help you to connect with these engaged individuals. On platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you can publish unique content as well as reach possible customers through advertising.

In fact, Facebook offers targeting options designed to help you to reach the types of buyers who will most likely want your services or products.

In addition, social media makes it easy to keep the conversation going with your customer case.

You can communicate with consumers in real time on a regular basis, thus gaining valuable insight regarding your brand. This is something that old-fashioned marketing tactics simply do not allow for.

❺ Reaching Mobile Customers

This is another major benefit of online marketing. After all, many consumers today are consuming content on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

In fact, the number of cell phone users globally is expected to reach a whopping 4.68 billion in 2019. With a well-thought-out online marketing plan, you increase your chances of reaching them and turning them into paying customers.

❻ Cost Effectiveness

What’s so great about digital marketing is that it is relatively cost effective compared with traditional marketing tools.

Small businesses that have limited budgets may struggle to claim premium ad space due to competition with larger companies. However, small companies can easily get more bang for their buck with affordable online marketing tactics.

In addition, although traditional marketing typically comes with hidden costs, you don’t have to worry about this with online marketing.

The only true cost of marketing your business online is time, as you can’t expect results overnight when you use search engine optimization and content marketing, for example.

However, you can get faster results with social media ads and pay-per-click ads.

❼ Targeted Marketing

The ability to target certain customers is a particularly huge benefit of digital marketing.

With online marketing, you can make sure that your content is always viewed by the right people, which means your marketing dollars will go farther.

In other words, you’ll be able to focus your business promotion efforts only on those strategies that truly work. You couldn’t ask for more as a small business owner.

How We Can Help

We are an online marketing agency that is passionate about helping service-based mid-sized and small businesses throughout the United States to tap into the World Wide Web’s power.

Why digital marketing? Because it is a proven tool for helping these types of companies to boost their reach, credibility and visibility.

Our company uses a unique mixture of online marketing consulting and coaching. Our goal? To get you focused on the best solution for achieving the quickest path to more revenue.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can take your business to the next level. We can help you both reputation wise and financially in today’s competitive, fast-paced, and dynamic digital age.

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